Date: November 18, 2022

AO: Block Party

Pax: Sasquash, Fine Print, Vandelay, Barn Door, Kryptonite, Chiclets (Respect!), Ozark (Respect!), Cutting Edge, Truly, Stapler, Wait Time (Respect!), Obi-Wan

QIC: Obi-Wan

Conditions: 14°, Bone Chilling ‘Feels Like’ Temp of 0°, 12 mph from the Northwest, 26 mph gusts

Started the setup of lights around 5:05 and was greeted with the brisk chill of the wind on the first day of frigid temps in a while.  Started towards the West end of Block Party to find a few locations where the wind wasn’t howling across my face.  After moseying a bit I found 3 locations that sufficed and headed back towards the flags.  Noticing it was about 10 minutes prior to starting, I start to mosey down the street where we enter the Block Party and about halfway down the street noticed a nice open area that had a couple rows of trees blocking the wind.  I quickly detoured to grab one of the lights I had previously set out and placed it in the little to no wind location.  It was getting close to 5:30 time to get this party started!

Obi-Wan welcomed the PAX to F3 at 5:30 AM.  Fitness, Fellowship & Faith!  Our 5 core principles, mission statement, credo and disclaimer were mentioned.  No FNG’s this morning.

We took off for a Warm-o-rama mosey.  First stop the Basketball Court.

The PAX circled up and proceeded to complete the following exercises.  Wait Time kept things well lit this morning with a light everywhere we went, appreciate it Wait Time – thanks!

15 Side Straddle Hops IC

Foot over the other foot hamstring stretch – both legs

15 Tappy Taps IC

The PAX then moseyed on the path heading West until we found an area to duck out of the wind for a few more exercises.

Downward Dog – stretching both calves

Howl at the Moon

While lying on our backs we lifted one leg and crossed it over our body while leaving our back flat on the ground – if someone has the proper F3 name for this let me know, it would save some typing!!!

We took off on another mosey down the path South of the treeline to Block Party Stonehenge for some additional warm-o-rama.

Runners stretch

Pigeon stretch

15 IC Cherry Pickers

15 IC Michael Phelps

From there we moseyed back to the flags to grab our coupons and headed back to the Basketball Court to start The Thang.

We tried our best to line up along the edge of the grass for a wind block, it wasn’t very successful but regardless we had exercises to complete.

Station #1

YHC mentioned to the PAX that in high school I was a semi-pro weight lifter.  The shock and awe of the PAX was overwhelming, so much so I let them know that I was totally kidding and growing up I hated lifting.  It was my least favorite.  But! I did some Google searching and found out the best way to build muscle while lifting was to complete 3-4 sets of an exercise with 6-12 reps each set.  So, at each station there were 3 exercises on the list and we did 3-4 sets with 6-12 reps on each.  The PAX was directed to take their time and focus on form, this was a you vs. you beatdown, you pick the reps and go at your own speed to focus on your movements and your form.  The PAX rocked it!




As the PAX started at this station, the cold had overtaken everyone and the mumblechatter was at a minimum.  In case this happened, YHC put together some random questions.  Since no recording took place of the answers, you’ll need to use some imagination of how they were answered.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be and why?

Show us your phone background and tell the story behind why you picked this image.

Would it be better to start work five years later or end five years earlier?

What is your hidden talent? (Nothing much came out of this one………)

These questions were mixed in while at Station #1 & #2.

After Station #1 we walked with our coupons to the Southeast side of the trees where YHC found a no wind spot mentioned previously.

Station #2

Same as Station #1, different exercises.


Big Boys

Bent Over Rows

Omaha was called at 6:05.  We stayed right where we were after Station #2 for Mary and the remainder.


YHC requested some help from the PAX on this, first up Sasquashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

15 IC Windshield Wipers (we should do these more often!!!)


15 IC Gas Pumpers

Barn Door

15 IC Flutter Kicks

5 Inchworms

Finishing with a round of American Hammers – Rancid Style


Announcements & Prayer Requests

Prayers for PitStop and his M

Prayers for Tin cup

Prayers for Andy

Prayers & Thankfulness on good news for Ozark’s father-in-law

Prayers for Michael

Thankful Trot Thursday 11/24 – lots of options

            The Maize – 5:00 10K, 5:30 5K, 6:00 Beatdown

            The Labyrinth – 5:15 Clydesdale Mosey, 6:00 Beatdown

Truly Q’ing at Oracle 6:00 am 11/19

Stapler Q’ing Ironwood Monday morning 11/21

Dragons Lair continuing ‘Freed to Lead’ conversation at coffee after the beatdown


Last week after roughly a year and a half, I called my Dad to say things I had waited to long to say.  After an hour-long conversation and both of us speaking what was on our minds, I felt better than before the call.  Running with a PAX member the next morning, he recommended a podcast from Andy Stanley about fixing broken relationships.  I’ve been listening to it and here are the highlights thus far…

Our natural behavior is to convince, convict, coerce and control in conflict with others.

These are not effective solutions to repairing relationships, but we always gravitate towards one or multiple of these in conflict.

Relationships can be like a car, starting it is easy and starting to drive down the street is easy but if our car breaks down, we don’t always know how to fix it.

Waiting for the other person ends up becoming waiting for what you should do. And the reason you should do it is that you’re the better person. The better person should initiate the apology.” 

For men, there are certain emotions that are so terrifying to us that we will do anything to keep them from surfacing. Because there’s something in you that if it comes up, you’re not sure how you’re going to respond or how it’s going to feel. Therefore maybe for some of you, your fathers are so shut down. It’s like they are so afraid to go there, even though they don’t know where there is, they’re afraid.

The mutual goal of fixing a broken relationship can’t be reconciliation.  We should never set a goal for other adults, that’s an agenda

Think of it like a boss and employee relationship… you may be friendly with your boss but at work there’s typically an agenda, so you don’t create a close bond with that individual.  Your guard usually stays up when there’s an agenda. Agendas ensure that broken relationships stay broken.

So the goal is no regrets, knowing you did everything you could do. “Putting the weapons down”

Work on the saying ‘I will get back to’, not ‘I will get back at’.

We’re only as happy as our core relationships are healthy.

Be open with those in your core relationships and take that first step even if you don’t want to. Stay within proximity and very simply love one another.



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