Paradise Island | Cold | Windy | Like It Really Mattered What The Temp Was? | #AlwaysOutside

There was a PreRun. The names have been below are based on my best recollection. My apologies if I missed anyone. My best guess: Gunner, Vandelay, LowFlow, Swiper, TomTom, Farva, JeanClaude & Firewalker.

At precisely 5:15, I emerged from behind the van which was blocking the wind to keep me warm and confidently asserted myself as this days Q. The core principles and mission were covered and the all important disclosure stuff, reminding the pax I was most definitely not a professional and to modify as necessary.

No new guys this chilly morning. #WeMove. We ran to the Children’s Statues by Cancer Survivor Park and warmed up.


⁃ Hillbillies – 15 IC

⁃ Goofballz – 15 IC led by Gunner

⁃ MNCs – 15 IC

⁃ I think this was it…. #WeMove


⁃ Mosey to Apartment Parking Lot. Partner Up. Each partner holds plank while partner does 10 jump over burpees. Switch & Repeat.

⁃ Mosey to next parking lot. Broad jump burpees. 1 broad jump. 1 burpee. 2 broad jump. 2 burpees… up to 8. Hopefully you follow.

⁃ It was here that FW first heard mumblechatter from the pax “doesn’t he know this is a running AO?” FW didn’t care. #WeMove

⁃ Bottom of the hill. Repeat: 10 jump over burpees while your partner holds plank. Switch & repeat.

⁃ Mosey up the hill. At top of the hill- 50 Merkins – OYO. This was working well, until a car came. #ThisIsOurRoad.

⁃ Mosey to the road for the run down. 50 Merkins OTO. #NoCarsThisTime

⁃ Long Mosey back to the shovel flag

⁃ 3 miles Total in 42 minutes.


⁃ Minnesota Mike Tyson’s. 15 IC


“Discomfort is the price of admission to an interesting life.”

Gentlemen, I am a creature of habit. I dislike change. I don’t like the unknown things. I like the predictable. If given the option to say to stay the same or grow we would all choose to grow. When given the option to choose discomfort over comfort is likely any of us would choose comfort. But, change is good. Change is what leads us to meet new people. To experience new things. To engage in things we never otherwise would have

Early on in my F3 days. Paradise Island was a staple of my weekly routine. But, Honestly, it was more than that. It was my favorite AO. A place where I could come and know that I was going to be pushed to my limit. A place I could come and know I could get five or 6 miles every day when I showed up. It was tough. The hills to beat you down. But as you all know it’s the PAX. It’s the experience that this AO is so much different than the others. Whether a pearl of strings or whatever you call it, we’re coming, we’re running and we’re going to get a good workout in at the same time.

I always knew discomfort awaited my workouts at Paradise. For the other stupid cold parking garage work outs. This is the place to push. To grow. To expand and extend the realm of what was possible. Paradise Island remains that AO. It is a place where men come to grow. Thank you for embracing the discomfort. Thank you for joining me pushing yourselves and embracing the the discomfort!



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