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PAX: Crankbait, Legolas, Shingles, Farva, Knobs, Rooney, G-String, Harding, Milo, Taxman, Duracell, Bobsled, Chernobyl, Irish Car Bomb, Mr. Hankey, Ditty, Dooser, High-Life, Busser, Amadeus

QIC: Simmons

At 5:00 multiple options for Pre-runs were given. The usual 5k run, the half murph ruck, and the new snatch short run was available as well.

At 5:30 Simmons welcomed PAX to F3 and thanked them for coming out for his VQ. He reminded them of the mission to Plant, Serve, and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. He then covered the 5 core principals of F3. 1) Open to ALL men. 2) Always free. 3) Always held outdoors. 4) Lead in a rotating fashion. 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT). He also stated, “I am not a professional! And to modify as needed!” Lastly he asked if we had any FNG’s (there was none).

The Warm – A – Rama 

Pax completed 10 Tappy Taps and 10 Big Ones before a Mosey up to Halleck Street. We then completed Sun Gods 10 in cadence each way as well as Colt 45’s. Pax then lined up along the curb where step aerobics were led by Richard Simmons himself (wig included). Steps were performed to the song “Dancing in the Street”. After step aerobics were over we moseyed back to the Shelter to complete the Warm-A-Rama.

The Thang

Pax Completed the first set of exercises for three rounds. The first set consisted of 10 3-way Floor Presses, 10 Skull Crushers, 10 Chest Fly’s, and 10 Renegade Rows. After the first set was complete Pax repeated the 4 exercise for 2 more rounds.

The second set was also completed for three rounds. This set was leg focused and consisted of 10 Sumo Squats, 8 Goblet Squats, 6 Overhead Narrow Squats, 10 Johnny Bravos in cadence, 10 Goblet Big Ones in cadence, and 10 DB Swings. As we went through the 3 sets some of the numbers went down but the exercises remained the same.

The third set was the shoulder set. Pax complete 3 rounds of 10 Arnold presses (IC), 10 L raises (IC), 10 Thrusters, and 10 Carolina Dry Docks. Pax Blasted out 3 rounds with descending reps each round before Omaha was called.

Pax Performed 21 Steel Hammers to finish the workout.


“Reach Out”

I recently had a friend of mine take his own life. He was a former co-worker and one of my favorite people I met while working at Godfathers. This guy was just a couple weeks into his 30th year. Unfortunately, I had not reached out to him in a couple years. I wish I would have let him know how much he meant to me, and maybe even helped him through whatever he was going through. However now I am left here with regret. I wanted to remind the Pax to not let people in their lives who mean something go without knowing how much they do mean. Reach out to someone today!

Announcements: Coat drive, Can food drive 

Prayer Requests: G-strings friends’ son, Crankbait and his M and their Loss

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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