16 November 2022 | The Catalyst | 19 degrees (feels like 8), 16 mph BRISK wind

PAX (11):  Truly, Toto, LPC, Bouncer, Al Borland, Mr. Deeds, The Dragon, Pantyhose, Cataracts, Armando, Stripes

QIC: Stripes

YHC came into the AO hot at 0513 and that was the only thing hot about the rest of the morning besides the premium K&G coffee afterwards.YHC welcomed the PAX at 0515, recited the 3F’s, stated the mission statement, fumbled through four of the five core principles (the cold weather gave me brain freeze), and with an assist from the PAX, got the last core principle. YHC then finished with our credo and disclaimer. There were no FNG’s and The Dragon was the only new PAX member to The Catalyst. It was colder than a bucket of a snowman’s piss, so there was no time for thorough instructions…it was time to get running! YHC quickly explained it was an out and back route at each PAX member’s own pace starting together and finishing together and that my whistle would sound at 0540 for everyone to turn around and head back to the flags. All the PAX made it back around 0605. 


•  Impact Retreat Jan 5-7, sign up on Slack

•  Halfway House – Pit Gobbler edition Thanksgiving Day     


•  LPC – foot surgery Thursday 11/17

•  Stripes – son (Brooks) tonsillectomy on 11/17, dad (Dale) hospitalized with vascular issues affecting foot and will be having an angiogram on 11/16     

COT:  Gratitude

After Veterans Day last week where I felt so much gratitude for my service and with Thanksgiving coming up next week, I felt gratitude was a fitting topic for this morning’s COT. I encouraged the PAX to make a conscience effort to come up with at least three things daily they’re grateful for. This simple exercise will put the focus on the things we have like warm clothes, shelter, and a hot shower to go home to on a frigid morning. It’s easy to allow the negative things we go through overshadow all the positive, so I encouraged the PAX to be grateful for everything we have and make that the focus rather than what we don’t have. Closed by saying how grateful I am to have found F3 and to be surrounded by all the HIM.



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