11-15-22 Chernobyl Cathouse “CATS”

Weather: Chilly, roughly 30F, slight breeze

QIC: Chernobyl

PAX(7): Chernobyl, Farva, G-String, Dutch Oven (FNG), Wolverine, Double Dip, ICB

5:15 Chernobyl welcomed all PAX members and FNGs to the beautiful gloom. He listed off the 5 core principles, mission statement and credo. He mentioned that he is not a professional and that all exercises are a suggestion and to modify if needed. We then moseyed to the football field for Warm-O-Rama.

5:32 Warm-O-Rama

Chernobyl led some dynamic stretches to get our bodies warmed up: high knees, butt kicks, kaorokes, knees or toes, and side shuffles

5:35 The Thang

Chernobyl explained that to be in peak performance at the Cathouse you need to have rock solid abs. No one wants the opposite. He also explained that CATS not only represents the plural form of the feline species but also stands for: Core And Then Sprints. So that’s what we did. We completed the following exercises and between each set we sprinted down the field and back. All exercises were done together as a group, and counted Rancid Style.

100 Big Boys

90 second Boat Hold

80 Raised Tow Touches

70 X-Factors

60 second side plank hold (30 each side)

50 Gas Pumpers

40 Freddy Mercurys IC

30 Crucifix Crunches IC

20 Plank Pickle Pushers IC

10 Volkswagens IC

We had an unreal about of mumblechatter throughout the Beatdown, essentially no one could keep a steady count and each exercise was paired with a minimum of one PAX releasing extra anxious fumes into the Gross High atmosphere.

When we finished the last set, we gathered for Mary which ended d up being another 100 Big Boys

5:56 Name-O-Rama / COT

COT: Generosity

Chernobyl shared a few stats associated with the well being of generous people as written from “The Science of Generosity”. People can not only share their resources, but their time, effort, thoughts, and compassion. Individuals that are generous have been shown to be happier and better quality of life. Go out and do something little for 5 people today or find one big thing to work on this upcoming season. If you have time, read the article.

Announcements: Canned Food Drive, Shovel Flag passes still this week and Double Dip next week, Turkey Trot

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