AO:  Dragon’s Lair |  Saturday November 12th, 2022 | Snowy 28deg

PAX:  Mr. Miyagi, Ralphie, Crab Cakes, Ketchup, Brad Pitt ( Respect, Respect ), Blades of Glory, Obi Wan, Speed Square, Hard Hat, Unicycle, S’mores, Boji, Ozark ( Respect ), Lincoln Logs ( Respect, Respect ), Clark Kent, Stapler, Mufasa, Griswold

QIC:  Griswold

6am:  Welcomed the PAX, went through mission statement, 5 core principles, disclaimer & credo. No FNG’s.  Also promised the PAX I would keep them as warm as possible on this cold and snowy morning.

6:03am: Mosey’d to church parking Lot for WoR.  20x SSH, Big ones x 15, Tappy taps x 15, cherry pickers x 15, sun gods x 10

Mosey’d to HS for a little wall work.  2 sets of 10 chicken peckers, 10 australian mountain climbers, 10 donkey kicks.

Mosey’d to HS parking lot.  Partnered up and did a modified dora.  One partner ran from parking lot light to far parking lot light while other partner did 100 ea collectively of the following:  SSH, Mountain climbers, Air Squats, Flutter kicks. 

After that, we mosey’d to Frances st and circled up for a short shoulder steinl.  3 rounds of 10 merkins, 10 alt shoulder taps, 10 dry docks no rest in between.

After that we mosey’d to the end of the neighborhood for another short steinl to keep warm.  10 SSH IC, 10 bonnie blairs IC, 10 air squats.

Then mosey’d back to tennis courts on the east side and kept our same partners.  This time one partner would bernie sanders up the hill and do 20 high knees IC, while partner would AMRAP the following:  Alt shoulder taps, Gas pumpers, Merkins, Air Squats, Dry docks, Rosalitas, Werkins, Imperial Walkers, Cherry pickers then once each partner did a round, both partners would jog a lap around tennis courts before starting round 2.  We got through 3-4 rounds of this.

Lastly we did a 4 group grinder.  Push group 20x smurph jacks, Group 2 AMRAP Plank jacks, groiners, mountain climbers, Group 3 AMRAP Frozen Freddies, LBC’s, Box Cutters, Group 4 AMRAP Cherry Pickers, Sun gods, seal claps.

Announcements & Prayer Requests: Apex, VQ & Ugly sweater, Stapler anniversary, Freed 2 lead discussion, Can food drive, Crab Cakes father in law, Tin Cup, Barn Door, Pitstop & Lindsay

CoT:  I went down a youtube rabbit hole, long story short, saw kindness video of people asking homeless people for a dollar or some change for something to eat.  And most of the time they would give whatever they had and then that person asking would reward the homeless person with $1000.  But what stood out to me was what they asked that person at the end.  They asked, What would your message be to the world?  So I was inspired and though about what mine would be but also asked some others what theirs would be.  Here’s the answers:

Have a coke and smile

Go til you breakdown, then do one more.

I love you for who you are and where you’re at.

Be 1% better everyday, which will in turn make those around you better. Oh and obviously- Be harder to kill. ⚔️

How you treat people matters.

Actions always speak louder than words. As you live from your highest and best self, others will be inspired to do the same. What you do and how you do it sets an example others will follow, whether you know it or not. Your life is your message, and it will be heard.

Distance creates distortion, connection compassion & empathy may not change the other person but it will you and that’s always the best place to start.

I fucking love you dog

You are more powerful than you think you are. And have way more control over your success and happiness.

Stay hard mutha fuckers

Always do more…more giving, more loving, more effort, more leading, more reps…just more, because we all have that in us.

It’s not what you got, it’s what you give.

Be able to look yourself in the mirror and tell that person the truth. If you can’t tell yourself the truth then who can you?

Unicycle took us out in prayer.



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