Tuesday, Nov. 15 | The Colosseum | Westside High School | 18 degrees

PAX (19): Sweet Sweet, Tuner, Q-Tip (Respect, Respect), Canadian Bacon (Respect, Respect), Armbrah, Chiclets (Respect), Grillz, Pony Express, Vanilla Ice, Tin Cup (Respect), Honey Maid, Honey Stinger, Tenderfoot, Samples (Respect, Respect? Respect?), Folsom, Ice-T, Black Lung, Safe Ride, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

Oh what a beautiful morning and it was a great return for Sparty back at Westside. While this was my rival high school, I’m no longer in high school and could care less. The cool thing about F3 is I probably have more friends now that graduated from Westside than Prep. With the State Championship coming up this next week, I loved having the opportunity to be here. I showed up early but not too early as set up wasn’t going to take long. Our man Honey Stinger was getting some laps in on the track to get his blood moving and offered to help. I let him know this wasn’t going to take me long, but it was long enough for me to get cold. So I ran to my car to put on another layer before we started and to my surprise, it was a CP jacket. Totally unintended and I’m sure the Warrios (not a typo) was less than impressed. I returned to the circle where the men were gathering and was greeted by several veteran faces that brought a smile to my heart, while also seeing Q-Tip and Canadian Bacon who have become men I see regularly in West O. And of course, my man Sweet Sweet!

It was 5:30am and I started with a warm Welcome to F3 and led right into the line I always forget to ask, “are there any new guys today?” I knew there were not, but Chiclets (Respect) spoke up which resulted in a man hug. The man is gorgeous, how can you not just hug him when you see him. I proceeded to share our Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, and disclaimer. I then shared that I have something new that I tried a couple weeks ago that I liked that I wanted to bring east and share with the PAX. I then shared, “we will start with taking a nice mosey around the track and we’ll meet at mid-field.” This prompted a smartass remark from Samples (Respect), “oh ya because that’s never been done before.” That’s fair! As we circled up, we got right into the Warm-a-rama. In an effort to keep the men moving and not standing around, I moved quickly.


  • SSH 20 IC
  • Sun Gods 10 F/10 R IC
  • Big Ones 20 IC

We moved right into the Pre-Thang and took a short mosey to the Northwest corner of the endzone.

Pre-Thang – Hard Hat’s Football Zipper:

  • While the PAX hold a plank, one at a time an inspired man will bet up and run towards the other sideline along the goal line. Once they’ve reach the out of bounce line, you shuffle 20 yards then back pedal back across the field. Continue this pattern until you reach the other goal line. Once you’ve arrived there, you plank for the 6.

Pony Express was eager to jump up and be the first one. I quickly informed him that he would be planking for the longest time as a result which brought a grin to his face. One by one, the PAX rose to their feet and made their way down the field in zig-zag form. YHC went last and upon arrival, I shared, “The 6 is in, circle up to count off.” I had them count of in groups of 4 and then proceeded to explain The Thang.

Thang – Shield Lock Beatdown:

  • 4 stations of AMRAP
  • Merkins, Carolina Drydocks, Werkins, Merkin Row
  • LBCs, Freddie Mercuries, American Hammers, Heel Touches
  • Squats, Bonnie Blairs, Squat Jumps, Jump Tucks
  • Bobby Hurley’s, SSH, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walkers
  • Here is how this works, 3 of the 4 men would perform the 1st exercise on the sheet AMRAP style while the 4th person ran a lap. Once the runner returned, the whole group would then mosey to the next station, at which point a different person would take off on a lap and the group would perform the exercises at that station. This would continue until “OMAHA” was called.

This was a fun and cool idea (I think so anyway) I randomly thought of a couple weeks ago. It allows for cardio, lots of exercise movement, and plenty of mumblechatter which is the whole point. The longer I do F3, the more I care about the time talking with the PAX than I do about getting a great workout and being quiet. I think this was received well. The ultimate sign of this being impactful is if someone steals and repeats this……At 6:07am, I called “OMAHA!” We circled back up at midfield and did 1 round of Rancid Style Hammers.

Name-o-rama: Canadian Backo is 6-0, there was a lot of enthusiasm for Pony Express, Folsom completely disrespected Samples (Respect), and if you watched the whole video you would have caught a special message from this Creighton Prep alum……

Announcements: Shovel Flag pass this Thursday back here for Battlefield from Samples (Respect) to Tenderfoot. Apex will repeat this Saturday at the Pit (?). Impact Retreat is coming up in January. Thankful Trot on Thanksgiving morning at all the Thursday AOs. Oscar Mike with be meeting at Tranquility (Ice Rink) on Saturday.

Prayers: Continued prayers for Tin Cup (Respect) and my friend Will.

COT: I want to start by sharing a quote, and bare with me as I’m not a great reader and this trips me up when I read it every time: “I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.” I spent some time reflecting this last week as I celebrated 2 years of sobriety last week and this quote resonated well with me. I think a lot about Getting Right and know that this is a constant battle and something that I focus on. My approach with this is to not look at this from the standpoint of the big picture and thinking about several years out in front of me. Rather, I approach sobriety as a daily challenge to overcome. This battle over the last two years has also helped retrain my focus to really concentrate on living my life one day at a time and not think about a week from now, or a month from now. This newly trained focus has helped me better align with my concentrica as well and I’m very grateful for that. I will never be right, and will also be working towards getting myself right, and if I take it one day at a time, it gives me a little more confidence that I can get through that day.

Chiclets took us out in a beautiful prayer.



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