To no surprise of anybody, it was a dark morning out at Wild Kingdom. It was cool enough to wear a
stocking cap, but not too cold. A good morning for a beat-down. That morning as I was setting up, I was
at the top of the dam, and I saw a skunk wither into the weeds as I approached. With some concern I
wondered if I should change my route. I then decided that I would not and what the PAX didn’t know
wouldn’t hurt them. So, I proceeded with the original plan and decided I would forget that I even saw
the skunk. There was a good turnout this morning as we had 22 HIM’s present and ready to go:
Ketchup, Bob Ross, Bambi, Cowboy, Vlasic (Respect), Smurf turf, Copperfield, Snodsbury, Cheap Seats,
Lincoln Log (Respect Respect) Paddles (Respect Respect), Painkiller, Mufasa, 12Guage, Dr. Thunder, OB1,
Thomas, Barndoor, Sweet Sweet, Hard Hat, Smore, and Cutting Edge. There were no FNG’s.
We started at 5:30AM Sharp.
Cutting Edge Introduced himself, went over the core principles, and gave all the necessary disclaimers.
Warm-a-Rama 5:31AM:
We mosey’ d to the parking lot by the lake and circled up for a few warm- up exercises.

  • 20 side straddle hops IC
  • 10 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 10 Tappy Taps IC
  • 10 big ones

Pre-Thang 5:33AM:
At this point I meant business, I wasn’t going to have a bunch of PAX just sitting around so immediately
after the warm-up we mosey’d over to the top of the dam about a third of the way down. (Right about
where the skunk was). We did some “defrosting” I had the PAX get in two lines, both facing me and
made sure that each one had plenty of room for merkins, air squats, and LBC’s. We all did this
together and I led as we did 11 merkins, 11 air squats, and then 11 LBC’s I/C. Immediately after this we
did 10 Merkins, 10 Air Squats, and then 10 LBC’s I/C. We continued this pattern until we got down to
5 reps of each exercise as we were at 5:45AM and I wanted us to get started on the thang.

The Thang 5:47AM:
There was a bench just to the side of the path at the top of the dam. Just to the east of this there was a
small trail going down the hill, so we followed this to the bottom where we did the thang. I found a flat
spot by the tree line where there was a gravel road that went north and south that we used for the
thang. The gravel trail went up hill towards the south. We started on the north side (where the flat spot
was) and I had three cones with 3 different sets of exercises for each. I had everybody find a “buddy”
and that is who you would do the exercises with. The plan was to do all the exercises at one of the
cones and then mosey about 75 to 100 yards up the hill to a cone along the gravel path and then mosey

back down the hill. Once back go to a different cone and do all those exercises and then run up and
back down the hill again. If you make it through all three stations, then rinse and repeat. One set of
cones was core, one was arms, and one was legs. Below are the exercises at each station:
Station 1

  • 15 Carolina Drydocks
  • 15 Workins
  • 15 Shoulder Taps I/C
  • 3 4×4’s (get into plank position, 4 merkins, 4 mountain climbers, and back up. That is 1 4×4)

Station 2

  • 15 Bonnie Blairs I/C
  • 15 Mountain Climbers I/C
  • 15 Bobby Hurly’s
  • 3 4×4’s

Station 3

  • 15 Freddy Murcury’s I/C
  • 15 Flutter Kicks I/C
  • 30 second plank position
  • 3 4×4’s
    Rince and repeat
    I waited until I saw Mufasa get to the bottom of the hill before I yelled “Omaha” so he would get to run
    back up the hill one last time.
    6:02 AM Omaha was called

6:05 6 Minutes of Mary to 6:08AM:

  • 20 Box Cutters I/C
  • 20 Heels to heaven I/C
  • American Hammers I/C rancid style once around

Circle of Trust 6:08AM:
We did the name-o-rama.
Announcements and prayer requests. Prayer requests – We had some HIM’s bring up health concerns
for family members, both young and old.

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