PAX [15]: Lincoln Log, Paddles, Gump, Tax Man, Ketchup, Robin Hood, Vlasic, Muffs, Singlet, Copperfield, Erkle, Smurf Turf, Lemu, Mufasa and Slow Clap

Q: Slow Clap 

Beautiful early fall morning at Wild Kingdom . . . warming up as the deer walked by, then we headed over to the soccer field for an epic beatdown.

The Workout:

 15 Side Straddle Hop IC
 10 Big Ones IC, each side
 15 Tappy Taps IC
 Variation of Albatross Wings
o 15 IC Arm circles forward
o 15 IC arm circles reverse
o 15 IC Cherry Pickers

Mosey to the soccer fields 0.5 mile jog

The Thang:
Everyone on lines up across the goal line
 Run to first cone, second cone, then third cone. We do 10 reps of:
o Merkins
o Squats
We then run to the goal line at the other end and then back again. Stopping at each cone to do 10 reps coming back.

A total of 60 reps of Merkins, LBCs and Squats.

Repeat with the following exercises:
o Alternating Shoulder Taps IC
o Freddie Mercury’s
o Jump Squats

Repeat with the following exercises:
o Carolina Dry Docks

o Heels to Heaven
o Run all the way down and back with out stopping and then
o Mosey back to the Flag for Mary

Finished with American hammers, rancid style

Check Slack for announcements – everything is listed there.
Golf for COPE 10/11/22 – Bring warm clothes for a donation and golf for free
Mental Battle 134
Flag pass at Wild Kingdom on 10/18/22

Prayer Requests:
Prayer for Miyagi’s wife, Lincoln Logs daughter. Safe surgery and recovery.

I’m doing a marriage class and one of the areas they talk about in relationship is
the F5 Tornado:

  1. Frustration, leads to
  2. False Assumptions, then to
  3. Fighting, to
  4. Fatigue, to
  5. Fantasizing about something different.
    Do we hold bitterness or grudges with other people? Augustine once wisely said
    “Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and then hoping the other person dies.”
    Overcoming the F5 Tornado requires the F5 peace plan:
  6. Frustration, leads to
  7. Forgiveness, by
  8. Focusing on the persons positives
  9. Focusing on God’s promises of forgiveness for us
  10. Find peace
    Some good advice my dad gave me was when he said “You can win the
    argument and lose the relationship. Why not give up the argument to win the
    relationship” Swallow your pride and be ok with losing, because that’s when you
    have peace and actually win.

Slow Clap

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