Tuesday, November 15, 2022 | The Sanitarium | Papillion High School | 25 degrees, 77% humidity, NNW wind at 7 MPH

Elmer gets his man (die bunny)

25 PAX: Kick Stand, Schrute, Truck Stop, Rooney, Knobbs, Dozer, Crank Bait, Firewalker, Slow Pitch, Squeaky Clean, Khakis, Milo, Mr. Hankey, Uncle Jesse, Busser, Patton, Black Tuesday, Sweet Roll, Low Flow, Tater Tot, Fun Dip, Mortar, Swiper, Levy and Razzle Dazzle.

5:00 am Pre Run: Schrute, Swiper, Low Flow, Firewalker, Khakis, Tater Tot and Slow Pitch.

I arrived at 4:45 and carried a couple coupons down the hill. Schrute and Firewalker were already getting laps in on the track. I headed back up to the parking lot, stopped at the car and got a pep talk from Low Flow who just pulled in for the pre run. I found Swiper to borrow some lights I would need for the set up. By this time the 5am crew was off and I headed down the hill to finish setting up. 7 Lights, a couple frisbees a hula hoop and a radio would hopefully make it a fun and challenging morning.  

At 5:30 ​I welcomed a lively group of PAX to F3. I explained the mission of F3 is to plant, serve and grow small(ish) workout groups for the reinvigoration of the male community leadership. I continued with the 5 core principles: Free, open to all men, always outside, lead in a rotation fashion and ending in a circle of trust. We also leave no man behind but leave no man where we found him. Swiper was kind enough to remind me that I was being very unprofessional by forgetting to remind the PAX that I am not a professional and all workouts should be modified as necessary. 

5:33(ish) ​it was time for a little Warm-a-rama which we would carry strong mumblechatter throughout. 

– 10 Side straddle hops IC

– 10 big ones IC

– 10 sun gods IC

– 10 reverse sun gods IC

– 10 Tappy taps IC

– 15 Moroccan night clubs IC

Now it was time to mosey to the field

5:40 (maybe?) ​ The Pre Thang

Time to count off two groups and with a little competition. Each group sent a PAX up to throw a frisbee aiming at a hula hoop 15 yards away. The group that was the furthest from the target owed 2 burpees. Group two started out strong but group 1 came back to take the lead coming into the final throw. Low Flow came out of the shadows, closed his eyes and threw a prayer. Well that prayer was answered for team 1 as his frisbee landed in the hula hoop sealing the win for team one and earning team 2 ten burpees. 

5:48 (or something, I clearly didn’t keep track) The Thang: Let’s kill some bunnies

The strong mumblechatter turned to groans as I explained the murder bunnies and the 2nd set of cones looked like they were accidently placed too far away. Group 1 would start on the 50 with coupons and group 2 would start at the hill. 

At the 50

– Round 1 ~ 5 Kraken blockies, murder bunny to the 25 turn around and murder bunny back. Run around the track to push the hill group

– Round 2 ~ 25 curls, murder bunny out and back. Run around the track to push the hill group

– Round 3 ~ we ran out of time… 

At the hill

– 15 Frozen Freddy’s IC

– 20 Merkins

– 15 shoulder taps IC

– Bernie Sanders up the hill. Jog back, plank or Al Gore to the 6

– 15 Big boys

– 20 Derkins

– 15 Carolina dry docks IC

– Bernie Sanders up the hill. Jog back, plank or Al Gore to the 6

– 15 heels to heaven IC

– 20 Incline Merkins

– 15 LBC’s IC

– Bernie Sanders up the hill. Jog back, plank or Al Gore to the 6

– Rinse / repeat

6:04 & ¾ ​Called Omaha. We picked up everything from the field and headed up the hill for Mary

6:08:27 25 Sarpy slammers IC

6:10 ​​NOR

The rookie filming this thing didn’t anticipate a long pause for Slow Pitch, Squeaky Clean got a bit of extra screen time. 


FNG – none


​Sanitarium flag pass next week. Swiper -> Double Dip

​Still collecting cans for the Tri City food pantry

​Kryptonite VQ at Top rope tomorrow 

APEX at the Pit Saturday

​Battlefield flag pass Thursday. Samples -> Tenderfoot

​Sign up for Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving

Prayer requests

Please keep Cade Rhodes (heart condition) and his family in your prayers


Sometimes the most convenient temptations can make your life very inconvenient. Sometimes the most comfortable things in life can make your life very uncomfortable. Doing the little things and having a positive attitude are how you will make an impact in the community. PAX of F3, you might not hear it enough but you are already doing this every morning. Keep up the great work, it is appreciated!

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