PAX: Patton (Respect), Armando, Boji, Smelly Cat, T-Party, Jump Street, Longneck, Steeple, Da Fridge, Doggie Paddle, T Swift, Barn Door, Slow Clap (Respect), Big Unit,  Yodel, Chowda, and YHC DaKine!

Q: MSgt DA KINE/ Sgt Chowda

17 PAX arrived at the Flags and upon Reveille,  heard the Core principles, mission statement, motto, and disclaimer.  There were no FNGs… BOOO!


Warm-a-rama/Pre THANG consisted of  a short mosey (a little taste of what was to c0me) side straddle hops, chinooks, big boys and merkins.


The pax were broken into groups of 5 or six and were given direction.  The workout would consist of up to 6 rounds of 3 exercises with a lap around the baseball fields between each round. We let the Pax know there would be a prized for the team that finish round 1 first.

  • Round 1
    • 11 Merkins
    • 11 Workins
    • 11 Chuck Norris
      • Run a Lap ( winning team was given 80lb sandbag for remainder of workout)
  • Round 2
    • 11 Left leg pistol squats 
    • 11 Right leg pistol squats
    • 11 Air Squats IC
      • Run a Lap
  • Round 3
    • 11 LBC IC
    • 11 H2H IC
    • 11 Freddy Mercury IC
  • Round 4
    • 11 Ranger Merkins
    • 11 Diamond Merkins
    • 11 T Merkins
  • Round 5
    • 11 Squat Jumps
    • 11 Squat Calf Raises
    • 11 Tempo Squats IC

At this point “Omaha” was called.

6MOM consisted of the not yet completed round six of work. 

  11 WWI sit ups, 11 Box cutters IC and finally, 11 Flutter Kicks IC

Circle of Trust:

Veterans Day is officially observed on November 11 in recognition of the day when an armistice — or temporary cessation of hostilities — ended what was then called The Great War. Germany and the Allied Powers – including the United States– signed the Armistice at Rethondes, France on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

On May 13, 1938, Congress voted to make November 11 a legal holiday known as Armistice Day to honor veterans of the “War to End All Wars.” Sadly, that name became outdated as another conflict inflamed the world in the 1940s. In 1954, veterans’ service organizations urged Congress to change the holiday from “Armistice Day” to “Veterans Day.” Congress agreed to the name change, and on June 1, 1954, November 11 became a day to honor all U.S. veterans. 

As a Veteran who recently retired, I missed the brotherhood that was my military brothers. Over nearly the last year I have found that brotherhood and filled that void with you all in F3, so I want to thank each and everyone of you for being my brother!  Chowda echoed this sentiment and gave thanks to all the Veterans and their families for their sacrifices.

Chowda then concluded with Prayer  where we prayed Tin Cup, Pit stop and his family, Barndoor’s aunt Jackie, Lisa, and her family as well as all prayers left unsaid.


DA KINE and Chowda!

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