11/12/2022 Oracle BackBlast
As any good Q does, I rolled into the introduction 90 seconds late due to a last minute decision to sneak in a pre beatdown 1.5 mile warmup run. My tardiness tipped off the gathered PAX that I was not a professional although I announced that fact anyway so that the HIM felt free to modify as necessary. After a nearly flawless intro whereby the mission, credo, and glance around the gathering for FNGs (there were none) was accomplished I let the group know that I wanted them to be miserable for the next 45 minutes.
We then attempted a little jig I learned DR from the Wichita Hornet AO and started a Snake Run to the West Dodge underpass approx 1/4 mile to the north. Snake Runs allow the PAX to run in a single file line with the person in the back of the line sprinting through the gaps between each man until he reaches the front. It’s an exercise that requires concentration, situational awareness, agility, and a significant amount of good luck. We managed to make it safely to our destination primarily relying on the luck component.
In what may be a first time ever event, after some standard warmorama exercises, Motivators were done under West Dodge Road. I hate Motivators. I then told the PAX to be thinking of the exercise they hate the most.
We then moseyed towards the FNBO building on the north side of West Dodge Road, taking care to keep the 6 nearby. Upon arrival, we commenced in 11s from curb to curb in the parking lot. 10 LBCs, bear crawl across, 1 Merkin, Bernie Sanders back, changing the count with each set so on the final round PAX did 10 Merkins and 1 LBC. Again we rallied for the 6 & continued to work with the few men still going until all were finished.
At this point, I initiated what I’m calling the Round Robin of Pain & brought the PAX face to face with the most detested exercises in all of F3 Nation (or at least the most hated by these PAX). Each man had an opportunity to name their most hated workout move and promptly lead the group in a set of 15, 20, or even 25 of the exercise they named.
Burpees. Plank Jacks. Decline Merkins. Pickle Pushers. It went on and on like that until we were exhausted and time was up. We then moseyed back to the flags, stopping two or three times to gather the 6 so that we could all end together.
Mary was standard American Hammers IC Rancid Style. 15 PAX participated.

Namorama was flawless until I inadvertently identified the 0600 Oracle beatdown as the 0700 Oracle beatdown. But, whatever.

For a COT I shared with the HIM a Mark Twain quote, “If you must eat a frog, eat it first thing in the morning. If you must eat two frogs eat the bigger one first.” The concept is simple. Quit putting off that thing you know you must do but just don’t want to do it. Maybe it’s a conversation with your M or boss or best friend you’ve been dreading because you haven’t been honest with them before. Maybe it’s as simple as scheduling the dentist appointment you’ve been avoiding. Maybe it’s making the decision to put away porn or alcohol and face the addiction head on.
PAX: Do the hard thing. Don’t waste your time fretting over it because many times the mental battle of apprehension is worse than the fallout of whatever frog must be swallowed.
And better yet, find someone who’s facing a similar situation and eat those frogs together. After all misery does love company. By eating the frogs we move from misery to the freedom that God intended for His creation.
Announcements. Prayer requests. And ball of man. SYITG.

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