19 Degrees. Real Feel 13 Degrees. Winds from the North. MaryPoppins Don’t Want None Of This!

Lots of pre-runners adding some EC to their days! Warmed my heart to see 8+ pre-runners @ 5 and double that for 5:30!

At 0600, FW did all the things: Standard welcome. Mission of F3. Core Principles. Tried to deliver in reverse order. Mildly Successful. Disclosures given. #ModifyAsNecessary. Also, it’s chilly. Don’t drop your coupon on yo face! Two!! FNGs! Those poor SOBs!

It’s worth noting that the MumbleChatter for the next hour took on a life of its own. No objections here.

27 Pax: Chernobyl, Trench, Duracell, KickStand, Busser, KOA, TatorTot, GirlDad, iMac, Dozier, Ferdinand, EarTag, TonyTheTiger, BabyShark, LowFlow, JeanClaude, SlowPitch, Khakis #Respect, Swiper, Gipper, Stall, Mortar, FNG Pin’Em, BFD Yo!, FunDip & YHC, Firewalker!


⁃ Goofballz – 15 IC

⁃ TappyTaps – 15 IC

⁃ Jump Tuck w/ Soft, Quiet Landing- 15 on up.


⁃ Motivators – 10 to 1 – Single Count

⁃ Crowd Pleaser – 1 Merkin, 1 Groiner up to 10 Merkins, 10 Groiners.


⁃ 30 – Thrusters

⁃ 30 – KettleBell Swings

⁃ 30 – Goblet Squats

⁃ Run around Lake about 1/3 of a mile.

⁃ Rinse & Repeat until Omaha!

FNG Gabriel, now Pin’Em asked after 25 minutes, “what was next.” Highlight of my day! Brother, FNG, there is no next! #JustThis! You got 30 more minutes to go! Keep Grinding, brother!


⁃ Sarpy Slammers / Russian Twist w a hold


Q: How do you show up?

Quietly? Loudly? Consistently? Inconsistently? Do you show up differently at different places? A home? At work? For workouts? Can others anticipate you to show up and depend on you? I’m asking for me. Not you. Life ebbs and it flows. It pulses. There are days I don’t want to show up anywhere. But as men, leaders, we are depended on. Who is depending on me to show up today? Do it. Show up and engage, be authentic in every interaction today!



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