November 9, 2022//Hanscom Park//AO-Beverly Hills//Unseasonably Warm


Pax: Stapler, Uhaul, Good-Lookin’, Guts, Side Dish, Buns of Steel, Sandy Cheeks, Sputnik, Othello, Joe Buck 

Q: Frosty 

First things first.  Our fearless leader, Site-Q Rancid, was under the weather.  Get well soon buddy.   

Frosty welcomed the PAX.  I’ve been to Beverly Hills 3 other times.  I was excited to see familiar faces.  YHC welcomed the PAX to F3, reviewed 5 core principles, creedo and disclaimer.  With that we moseyed down to the clearing near the pavillion.   

Warm O’ Rama:  15 SSH, 15 Tappy-Taps, 10 Big Ones, 10 Windmills 

Pre Thang:   The cones were set up, making a line at the bottom of the hill and a line 40 yards up the hill.  PAX partnered up for the latest ‘POM POM” pre-thang.  In the POM POM exercise, one PAX member runs up the hill and back while his partner AMRAPs an exercise.  Each member does every exercise.  The exercises are:
Overhead Claps
Mountain Climbers
Overhead Claps
Mountain Climbers 

This got our heart-rates up, but I don’t know if we’ll see it again.

The Thang:  “See Ya When I See Ya”
Pax partnered up with a new partner this time.  One member from each pair was given a card with exercises on it.  You and your partner run in opposite directions around the lagoon, until you meet up again.  When you meet up you start with the first exercise, complete it, then take off in opposite directions again yelling “See ya when I see ya”.   You CAN do this beatdown without yelling “See ya when I see ya”, but it isn’t quite the same calorie burn.   

The second time you meet up with your partner you do the first and second exercises on the card.  The third time you do the 1st, 2nd and 3rd exercises. And so on. 

The exercises:
10 – Merkins
15 – Copperhead Squats
20 – Big Boys
25 – Alternating Shoulder Taps
30 – Air Squats
35 – Flutter Kicks
40 – Carolina Dry Docks 

Omaha was called when my partner Stapler and I completed our card.  655 calorie burn with a 141 average heart rate. 

Something to note:  
With great AOs, come great risk.  Sites like Beverly Hills and The Rabbit Hole are held at parks steeped in history and all different kinds of guano.  Bat guano, dog guano, goose guano, etc.  Beware of the guano and always have a change of clothes. 

COT:  My COT is about managing expectations.  It is ok to make plans, it is bad to plan outcomes.  If I want something, I can only do the leg work it takes to get it, whether I get it or not is not up to me. Sometimes I’m too busy writing the ending to scenes in this “script” of my life that I forget the future is not up to me.  I need to focus on the actions.  The task at hand and leave the results up to God.  God thinks it is hilarious when I try to control people, places, things and situations.  I can’t control outcomes any more than I can control the route of a roller coaster.  So let go.  Stop trying.


The other piece to expectations is “anticipatory joy”.  I’m bad at this.  Look at my motor vehicle situation!  Sometimes my focus really gets into the future because I’m anticipating some change or action that is coming and I forget that all I really have is now.  Keep my head where my hands are. Like Roadhouse said last week, we are striving to be happy all the time not just when we get to the next thing “that makes us happy”.   

That is what I have.  It was an absolute honor and hoot to lead today 

Aye- Frosty

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