Friday, November 11th, 2022 / The Farm / Sarpy County Fair Ground, Springfield, NE / 19 degrees and clear / Veteran’s Day

4 Pre-runners: Chernobyl, Swiper, Schrute, Razzle Dazzle.

19 Pax: Mortar, Knobs, Milo (Q): Busser, Chernobyl, Ditty, Double Dip, Dozer, Fun Dip, G-String, Hu-hot, Kick Stand, Legolas, Low Flow, Schrute, Shingles, Slater, Stall.

5:15am Knobs welcomed the group then passed it to Mortar. Mortar welcomed the Pax to F3 – Covered what F3 is, the Mission Statement, Moto, 5 core principles, and reminded everyone that Mortar is not a professional.

5:16am: Warm-a-rama: Knobs and Milo started the workout getting the PAX formed up. They yelled and got the group the feeling of the “shark attack” from basic training. We then marched through the open field and started running. Milo led the group in cadence as we ran. We ran east toward then around the block down the big hill. We then go to the fairgrounds and turned around. Then around the block to the grounds.

5:25: Pre-Thang: Once we got to the fair grounds Knobs took us through a continued warm up.

  • Side Straddle Hops – 20
  • Shoulder Killer
    • Sun Gods – 10 both directions
    • Seal Claps – 10
    • Schnuck – 10
    • Sky Press – 10
    • Sun Gods – 10 both directions

Then Knobs explained the rules for capture the flag and separated the teams.

5:37: Beatdown

  • Capture the flag with 2 teams on the fairgrounds.

5:51: OMAHA – Jog back to shovel flags



Prayer Request:

  • Pit Stop’s M Lindsay and family as she fights cancer
  • Swipers daughter as she battles anxiety
  • Legolas on his upcoming surgery
  • Athletes start winter sports next week and health during season
  • Huhot’s brother Chris
  • Ditty and mental health.
  • Ava Knobs daughter post-surgery
  • All vets

COT: Mortar talked about why f3 and impression on Knobs. It was important to have Knobs on the Q with him. Talked about the importance of Veteran’s Day and the meaning of it.

Milo – talked about his experience in the Army and what Veteran’s Day meant to him.

Knobs – talked about the importance on Veteran’s Day. Encouraged the PAX to go to the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery on the way home.

Swiper took us out in prayer.  


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