AO:     Heavy Metal (Stinson)

November 8, 2022

Weather:  63, humid & Windy

PAX (20):  Black Flag, Wentworth, Touche, Wilbur (Respect-Respect & Down Range),Bobsled, Predator, Woody (Respect), Beeps, Snowman, My Bell, Hightower, Animal, Doll Face (Respect), Angry Note, Bloodshot, Space Bar, Hipster (Respect-Respect), Sweet Roll, Folsom,

Q: Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird gathered the PAX at 5:30.  Dirty Bird welcomed all to the Heavy Metal.  He recited the five core principles and laid out the F3 Mission Statement which is “to plant, grow and serve small workouts to invigorate male community leadership.”


  • Side saddle hops- IC- 20
  • Windmills- IC 10
  • Seal claps- 15
  • Cherry pickers- IC 10


The Pax then moved to the benches and got some incline/ decline work in.  The Pax did the following three times.

  • 15 dips
  • 15 derkins
  • 15 step ups IC


The PAX broke out into six groups.  Dirty Bird explained that the group would be doing the Ring of Metal (Fire) with a twist.  The push group would mosey around the stage and back.  Before they pushed the next group, the push group would get to pick the exercise for everyone to do at that moment.  The push group is not obligated to do the exercise it selects but is required to do the exercises when it enters the Ring of Metal.

Station #1
Push Group
Mosey around Stage
Pick an exercise for the group  
Station #2
10  Shoulder Flies
10  Upright Rows
15 Big Boys Repeat until pushed  
Station # 3
10 Squat Thrusts
10 Kettle Bell Swings
Repeat until pushed  
Station # 4
15 Curls
15 Bent Over Rows
Repeat until pushed  
Station # 5
20 Alternating Lunges
15 Johnny Dramas (Calf raises)
Repeat until pushed  
Station #6
15 Chest Press
15 Chest Flies
15 Flutterkicks IC
Repeat until pushed  

Dirty Bird called Omaha around 6:05.


Running short on time, the PAX did 15 Gas pumpers and American Hammers Rancid style.

Prayers and Announcements

There were announcements regarding various Veterans’ Day beatdowns and activities.  Doll Face and Rancid are planning a Site Q switcharoo next week.  Doll Face at Beverly Hills, and Rancid at Heavy Metal.

Requested continued prayers for Tin Cup and is continued progress. 


“You don’t miss your water until your well runs dry.”  Dirty Bird relayed that he had been sick the last week and it really emphasized how lucky he is to have the ability to come out in the mornings to join his F3 brothers.  He missed being fully healthy to post.  He acknowledged that he does not handle being sick well and has a hard time slowing down and not doing something.  His wife really dislikes it when he is sick.  He expressed to the PAX that it is important to slow down, take care of yourself and have a minor break so that you do not miss out on things for an extended period of time.  F3 during the winter has been a big boost mentally for Dirty Bird, and he encouraged the PAX to continue to post in the winter regularly.  But be smart about it.  If something does not feel right or is off, take a short break and avoid injuries that will keep you out for a long time.  Make sure you warm up and stretch before you exert yourself in cold weather.  But also remember when it is cold outside, it is a great time to post.

Dirty Bird ended with a prayer of gratitude.

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Heavy Metal

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