Date:  11/11/22 

Weather:  COLD AF, 21 DEGREES WITH WINDCHILL OF 8F.  Just a friendly reminder that it was 67 during the beatdown yesterday. 

10 PAX:  Desk Pop, Griswold, The Plague, Truly, Dr. Thunder, Pain Killer, Lite Bright, Hard Hat, Urkle, T-ball 

Q: T-Ball  

Truly and The Plague joined YHC for the 3 mile pre-run to the east, taking a tour by Mission Forge and through the park before bolting back to Fancy Feast for some gourmet cat food (ie exercise and laughs).  We were greeted by 3 flags and 10 PAX were ready to celebrate a great American tradition, Veteran’s Day! 

The PAX listened to YHC recite the F3 Core principles, Mission statement, Motto, and Credo promptly at 0515, as well as provide the exercise disclaimer that I am not a professional, nor a military drill sergeant.  I hope to do my best to deliver a sweaty beatdown to prevent us from dying of frostbite.  Will provide a list of injured/frozen F3 men at the end of this backblast.  No FNGs.   


We moseyed to the backside of Millard West (where the cats go to hibernate/get out of the wind) and circled up for WOR.  We performed 20 SSH IC, 20 High Knees, 20 Butt Kicks, 20 Tappy Taps, 20 second count of Groin Stretch, and 1 round of ATMs to 10.  This concluded WOR.   

Pre-Thang:  The PAX partnered up and we headed to the hill along the west side of the parking lot.  1 partner did Bernie Sanders to the top of the hill to perform 20 monkey humpers IC (thanks Lite Bright—such a good show for the 180th street morning traffic), and then crab walked back down to relieve their partner.  Partner at the bottom was doing AMRAP exercises listed below. One particular PAX with a keen eye was able to spot a certain wrapper and some litter that we steered clear of! Good eyes Hard Hat! 

  • Flutter Kicks 
  • Alternating Lunges 
  • WWI Big Bois 
  • Mountain Climbers 
  • LBCs 
  • Merkins 
  • Bobby Hurleys 

This was carried on with some great laughs and conversations/suggestions of mandatory beatdown exercises for Fancy Feast until we moved on to the Thang at 0533 and forgot what we were talking about. 

The Thang:   

The PAX moseyed to the football field the short way since the Millard West grounds crew were kind enough to open the field early for us.  We broke out into groups of 3, with one man at each endzone doing AMRAP exercises and one running in between from endzone to endzone.  On the way, the running PAX would stop at the 50 and perform 3 burpees before pushing to the next endzone to send their partner back the other way.  Exercises listed below for each endzone. 

North Endzone: Squat Jumps, Knerkins, Mountain Climbers, Flutter Kicks, Air Squats, SSH, Ranger Merkins, LBCs, Copperhead Squats, Rosalitas, Sumo Squats 

South Endzone: Heels to Heaven, Carolina Dry Docks, WWI Big Bois, Werkins, Alternating Lunges, Box Cutters, Burpees, Bobby Hurleys, Imperial Walkers, Low Dollys, Groiners 

More laughter and hustle made this totally worth being out in the cold! Omaha was called at 0549 and we moseyed back to the south endzone to complete some 6 MOM on the turf. U-Call Its included 6 inches (Ketchup special), Box Cutters, Heel Touches, and finished with 2 rounds of American Hammers Rancid Style. 


-Apex next Tuesday at the Pit—come get worked and set some PRs! 

-Turkey Trot—multiple sites/T-shirt orders should be available soon—if haven’t paid, pay Tube Socks asap 

-Prayers for The Plague’s friend Mike, dealing with health issues and prayers for YHC’s dad Monty recovering from 2 knee replacements in last 2 weeks. 

Circle of Trust: 

I was privileged to lead a Veteran’s Day workout at the Maize last year and shared this story regarding the origins of Veteran’s Day.  The original recognition of Veterans Day was known as Armistice day (Armistice meaning temporary cessation of hostilities) between the Allied Powers and Germany in WWI.  This agreement was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 to signify the end of WWI.  However, this was not officially recognized as a holiday in the US until 1938.  From 1938 until 1954, this was celebrated on November 11th every year, but the holiday was changed to be known as Veterans Day to also honor the men and women who fought in WWII and the Korean War.  This continued as Veterans Day, but in 1968, Congress altered the 4 federal holidays to be celebrated on a Monday to allow for a 3-day weekend.  In 1971, Veterans Day was moved to the 4th Thursday in October.  Several states refused to recognize this change and in 1975, President Gerald Ford signed back into law the change of Veterans Day back to November 11th.  This was officially changed in 1978 and since that time, Veterans Day has been celebrated on 11/11 every year. 

I have had the great privilege of meeting, befriending, and supporting many F3 bretheren who have given great service and sacrifice to our country.  These HIM give endlessly to F3 but have sacrificed so much more along with their fellow servicemen and women to give us what I value most and that is our freedom.  Freedom to speak freely.  To pursue a successful life, whatever that looks like to us.  Freedom from persecution for religious or personal beliefs.  Freedom to express ourselves in public.  Freedom.  Watching areas of our planet unfold at the seams, this is NOT to be taken lightly.  Veterans are the brave and the willing, standing guard ready to do violent things to preserve that freedom while others rest easy.  Let us never forget to honor those brothers and sisters who give their all for us to live this life and breathe this freedom daily.  We love you! 

No F3 men were harmed or frozen in the making of this production, but we did drive to Hyvee for the first of many Q source discussions for Fancy Feast.  Thanks for allowing me to lead, Lite Bright! 



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