November 8, 2022 | Trident AO | Tri-Faith at Sterling Ridge | Weather 44ish and cloudy

PAX: Chucky, Roadhouse, Almost Famous, Slick, Big One, Punching Bag (HATE), Pantyhose, Wait Time (RESPECT)

Q: Room Service

Room Service welcomed the PAX, gave the mission of F3, recited the 5 core principles and verified that he was not a professional.  The PAX moseyed to the LinkedIn (hoping this mention will finally give me a free trial of Premium) parking lot for some warm-a-rama. 


Windmills – 10IC

Imperial Walker – 12IC

Lowman – 2 each side

Sun Gods – 10IC (forward and back)

Cherry Picker – 15IC  

PAX moseyed over to a small patch of grass that Slick had been manicuring for the special beaver blood moon…it did not disappoint


Crowd Pleaser up to 5 and back down again

PAX moseyed back to starting area to begin the thang

The Thang 

The PAX broke up into two groups to perform all exercises at each station.  Crab walks between short distance and choice of back pedal, skip, karaoke for the long distance.

Station 1:

Merkins – 20

Air Squats – 20

LBC’s – 20IC

High Knees – 20IC

Station 2:

CDD – 20

Johnny Drama – 20IC

Flutter Kicks – 20IC

SSH – 20IC

Station 3:

Tempo Merkins – 15IC

Copperhead – 15IC

Frozen Freddy – 15IC

Burpee – 5

Station 4:

Baby dips – 20

Monkey Humper – 20IC

Heel touches – 20IC

Mountain Climber – 20IC

After both groups made it through the stations twice we lined up for some quick sprints in the parking lot.  Roughly 150 yards of 25%, 50% and then all out – no hammies were popped so GREAT SUCCESS!


ETK – 15/side

Gas Pumper – 15IC (Big One had enough and touched his toes in protest – that guy)

Rancid Style American Hammer

COT: The Blood Moon that was semi present today is known for chaos, disruption and change.  Typically these can be seen as negatives and it is classified as that on social media.  Use the blood moon as a time to reflect on what isn’t going well in your life and how you can change that before the next moon arrives.  Disruption is a part of life and being prepared and putting a positive spin on it can help in times of darkness. 

Also, get out and vote today…we take it for granted but it is a privilege to have a voice.  


Turkey trot coming up the morning of Thanksgiving, if you want a shirt by the workout you need to have your order in by this Friday

Veterans Day drive – check slack for deets

F3 retreat coming in January


Big One M’s family has a niece with dependency issues and a relative in the hospital that need prayers

All the PAX struggling with mental or physical issues that are preventing them from being out in the gloom


Room Service

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