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QIC: Convoy

PAX: (18) Crabcakes, Lincoln Logs, Vlasic, Hard Hat, Boji, Mr. Miyagi, Griswold, Coach K, Smores, Fine Print, Lite Brite, Pain Killer, Speed Square, Dr Thunder, Clark Kent, Yodel, Unicycle, Convoy

FNG: (1) Clark Kent

Gave the F3 credo, mission statement, 5 core principles, and disclaimer. 1 FNG. 
The PAX moseyed to the nearby football field for Warm-a-Rama.


  • Merkins (x20) 
  • Big Ones (5-count left, 5-count right) x3 sets 
  • Goofballs (x10 I/C)

Remain at football field for Pre-Thang

The Pre-Thang
All PAX line up along goal line.  At “go”, everyone does Fast Rockettes until Convoy says “down”, then do a burpee, then back to Fast Rockettes. After 5 burpees, recover. Next is same drill, but with High Knees. After 5 burpees, recover. Last round is Chop the Feet, 5 burpees, recover. Stay on the goal line for The Thang. 

The Thang
Partner up.  There are three rectangles on the football field, equal size, cones at the corners. Exercise list at starting cone for each rectangle. Divide PAX pairs evenly among the three starting cones. Different exercise list of six exercises at each starting cone. 

At “go”, one partner stays by starting cone executing AMRAP exercise #1. Other partner sprints down long side of rectangle, side shuffle along short side, backpedal along 2nd long side, side shuffle back to starting cone, then switch places with partner, executing same exercise AMRAP while other partner circles the cones. Rinse and repeat for the next 5 exercises on list, then rotate clockwise to 2nd set of cones and do the same thing with that exercise list. Then on to 3rd set of cones until “Omaha” called. 

Starting Cone 1: Diamond Merkins, Werkins, C.Norris Merkins, Ranger Merkins, Punch-Up Merkins, Prime Time Merkins 

Starting Cone 2: Air Squats, Bonnie Blairs, Bobby Hurleys, Plank Jacks, Groiners, Mountain Climbers 

Starting Cone 3: LBCs, Gas Pumpers, Big Boy Sit-ups, Freddie Mercurys, Starfish Crunches, Low Dollies 


  • Elbow-to-Knee (10 on each side) 
  • Flutter kicks (x15 I/C) 
  • Heels to Heaven (x15 I/C) 
  • Heel Touches (x15 I/C) 
  • American Hammers, Rancid Style 

Miyagi – Freed to Lead book discussion at Beanery after Saturday Dragon’s Lair workout 
Turkey Trot sign-ups by Nov 14th (slack) 
Share cold weather gear best practices with fellow PAX members (new guys) 
Canned food drive month of November 
APEX at Ironwood and Pitt next week 
Prayers for Pit Stop and family 
Prayers for Speed Square (Mayme) and upcoming baby 
Prayers for Convoy’s 2-month-old nephew (Tombstone) who’s in ICU with RSV 

YHC talked about being present. Told story of his dad, father of 7, always nodding off at family game night when YHC and his siblings were growing up…physically present but not really “there”. Understandably lots of pressure supporting all those kids. Now, he has grandkids and is very plugged in. No more nodding off, much more a part of the conversation, really fun to watch. It’s never too late to be present. 


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