Mt Olympus Back Blast:

AO: Mt Olympus @ Liberty Middle School
Date: 9th Nov 2022
QIC: Shingles

Pax: Huffy, Crankbait, Irish Car Bomb, Legolas, Boss Hog, Fun Dip, Mortar, and 2 FNGs (Fight Club and Stall).

Welcomed pax promptly at 5:16, allowing Mortar to finish lacing up his shoes. Went over five core principles and was gently reminded of disclaimer. Welcomed FNGs and proceed to count off.

No warm Rama, but did mosey down from parking lot to mid field while carrying coupons.  Two of the pax opted to carry down Bernice and Janice (IYKYK).

At midfield we went over the five rounds Pax will be doing until pushed.
Round 1: Kraken Blocks
Round 2: Goblet Squats
Round 3: RCOs (bent over row, curl, overhead press = 1 rep)
Round 4: Weighted BBSUs
Round 5: GRRs (weighted American hammers to plank position and back)

Push person would be bringing Bernice or Janice from other side of the field by running along the track.  Pax doing the rounds were able to maintain some form of mumblechatter.

Omaha was called and we headed back up to the parking lot where we did a round of Sarpy Slammers Chernobyl style (super slow count).

Prayers: Crankbait and his family, Pitstop and his M, Knob’s Daughter surgery
Announcements:  Dragonslair Free to Lead starting Saturday,  Vetrans Day beatdown @ The Farm

COT:  “Radical Christianity is not going on missions trips or a big conference. Radical Christianity is staying steady for decades.” Mike Bickle –  This spoke to me more than just as a Christian. Looking at how easily things can change this day and age, staying consistent in even the little things is the radical goal. Whether its big or little, under the radar or before everyone, being steady for the long haul is what I desire for myself.

We ball of manned up and went out in prayer.


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