11-9-22 Main Stage

“Sweat Baby Sweat…”

QIC: Chernobyl

PAX(23): Chernobyl, Pit Stop, Looney Tunes, Woodhead, Barber Shop, KOA, Double Dip, Beaver, Sweet Sweet, 12 gauge, Baby Shoes, Rowdy, Firebird, Bayside, Escobar, Dart, Wings, Urkel, Sup, Mufasa, Yogi, QTip, Mulch

5:30 Chernobyl welcomed all PAX members and FNGs to the beautiful gloom. He listed off the 5 core principles, mission statement and credo. He mentioned that he is not a professional and that all exercises are a suggestion and to modify if needed. We then moseyed to the football field for Warm-O-Rama.

5:32 Warm-O-Rama

Hamstring hangs for 10 seconds

Big Ones 10 seconds each side

Trunk Stretch x 5 IC

Sun Gods 10 each way

Michael Phelps x 10 IC

5:35 The Thang

We got into groups of 4. Across the AO we had 3 stations each having exercises to be done in each round. Each group would exercise together and complete each exercise at each station. Once all stations were complete, we picked up the 6.

Station 1 – End Zone

Round 1 – 50 Glute Bridge Holds IC

Round 2 – 50 Big Boys

Round 3 – 25 Push-Off Merkins, 20 Werkins, 10 Dive Bomber Merkins

Round 4 – 20 one-legged jump squats (10 each leg), 15 Knee Jumps, 10 Bonnie Blairs IC

Station 2 – Football Field Running 

Round 1 – 40yd Monkey Walk, jog down and back

Round 2 – 80yd Bear Crawl, jog down and back

Round 3 – 10 fwd / 5 rvrs (sprint 10 then Bernie 5) for 100yds, jog back

Round 4 – 2 Burpees at each 10 yd line for 100 yds, sprint back

Station 3

Each Round run 1 lap around the track

Mary: 25 Volkswagens IC

6:10 Name-O-Rama / COT


General Patton “A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan next week.”

Don’t push off something you want to do until later because you may never find time.

Don’t over anaylze a problem when it’s paramount something needs to take place.

Don’t force the situation with a poor plan and go in half way. Make a strong quick decision and move forward.

Announcements: Canned Food Drive, Veterans Day Beatdowns this Friday.

Prayers: Swipers daughter Chloe, Pit Stops M Lindsay, Crankbait and his M Jessica

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