The Pit 11/05/22, 6:00 AM, 31 Degrees

PAX: 12 Total: Chernobyl, Busser, Trench, G-String, Jean Claude, Gipper, Dozer, Low Flow, Stranglehold, KOA, Kickstand, Razzle Dazzle, Fun Dip

QIC: Duracell

Warmarma: Mosey about 250 years to a parking lot: 10 side straddle hops, 10 sun gods, 10 reverse sun gods, 10 tappy taps,  10 big ones, 5 Slap Back Squats (start in squat, while jumping clap hands behind back), 5 Iron Legs (Lunge, Alternate Lunge, Wide Leg Jump Squat) 

Creepy Corner: The PAX split up on the 4 corners of an intersection of the major road & performed: 5 Slurpees (slow burpees), 10 Burpees, 20 Slap Back Jacks, 10 Iron Legs, 20 Monkey Humpers, & 10 Oh-Yeahs per side.  We mosied about 100 yards to a nearby park. 

The Trees: We used large trees as a wall & performed 1 minute of upper body exercise, followed by 30 seconds HIIT to increase our heart rate.  Round 1: Balls to the Wall & fast feet with down into a burpee on the Q’s call.  Round 2: Chicken Peckers & fast feet with jump squat on the Q’s call.  Round 3: Wall walk (start in balls to wall, walk hands out to parallel to ground & back up) & Speed Hit Floor (alternating side lunge as you alternate hands and hit the ground with each lunge.)

Merry Go Round: We moved to a merry go round for chest work & split into 2 groups. The waiting group performed Bonnie Blairs while the merkin group put their feet on the merry go round, performed a merkin, stepped their hands to the right & completed 20 reps.  Switched groups & repeated with each group also going left, while the waiting group performed Bonnie Blairs, then air squats.  We finished our chest work with some Elavator Merkins: A static merkin, holding either top, middle or bottom floor based on the Q’s call. 

The Bridge: We mosied to a bridge that is roughly 75 yards & started our tricep work with a crab walk across the bridge (that was a brutal distance to crab walk.)  We used a low wall to perform 30 1 & a half tricep dips in cadence: 1 is all the way down, 2 is halfway up, 3 is back down & 4 is all the way up for 1 rep.  Recovery was 30 seconds of goof balls.  2nd Tricep exercise was 3 & 1 dips I/C: Down for 3 counts, up for one.

We mosied back to the flags & broke up the run with quick sets of 10 merkins.  Upon reaching the flags, we finished with Sarpy Slammers.

COT: Prayers for our brothers Crankbait & Pit Stop. The COT was based on the theory that we don’t stay the same, we get better or worse.  The Q shared a recent activity he tried: Write down the words: My life would be better if: and then started writing.  2nd round through, write down why your life would be better because of it.  3rd time, write down what you need to do to get there.  It can be shocking how easy the “how to get there” can be – it’s just making consistent choices of the smallest details over & over. 


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The Pit

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