Nov. 1, 2022 | AO – The Colosseum | 42 degrees

PAX: (37 Total) Bloodshot, Slow Pitch, Spacebar, Vandelay, Wait Time, Chiclets, Samples (Respect!), Hot Dog, Beta Max, Tenderfoot, Pig Pen, Scoober, Tater Tot, Animal House, Cheap Seats, The Plague, Al Boreland, Honey Maid, Q-Tip, Swinger, Wentworth, Z-Bo, Lansbury, Oompa, Vanilla Ice, Grillz, Invictus, Honey Stinger, Pony Express, Khakis, Bubbles, Boomerang, Black Lung, Polaroid, Stella!, Safe Ride, Tin Cup

Qs: Tin Cup, Safe Ride and Stella!

Tin cup welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30 AM sharp. The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles were given. An inquiry about FNGs was also made and non were present. The men then made their way into the Colosseum and ran a full lap around the track, and then circled up in the middle of the field for warm-a-rama.

Warm-A-Rama – led by Safe Ride:

  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Chinooks – 10 forward, 10 Backward IC
  • Sun Gods – 10 forward, 10 Backward IC
  • Apollo Ohnos – 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers – 20 IC

The Pre-THANG – Led by Stella!

The Pax made their way to the bottom of the bleachers. As group, the PAX perform

  • 20 dips at the bottom of the bleachers
  • Run up the stairs
  • Performed 5 mountain climbers
  • Run down the stairs
  • Performed 15 dips

Stella! Called the first Omaha after all of the PAX completed 10 dips.

The THANG – led by Tin Cup:

Three Corners and a Mosey: The PAX divided into 4 groups. 3 Stations were located in the following stations: #1) West corner of the South end Zone, #2) East corner of the South end zone, and #3) 50 yard line on the East side of the field near the track. Each corner of the field contained a list of 5 exercises to be completed by the group.

Three groups would complete the exercises in order until pushed. The push group would run around the track from Station 3 to Station 1 (~ 300 yards) and push the group at Station 1. Groups did exercises together and were encouraged to take turns leading.

Corner 1
5 Sec. Count in Between Each Set  
1. Merkins – 20
2. Boxcutters – 20 IC
3. Mountain Climbers – 20 IC
4. Air Squats – 20
5. Burpees – 5  
Rinse & Repeat
Corner 2
5 Sec. Count in Between Each Set  
1. Dry Docks – 20
2. Heals to Heaven – 20 IC
3. Apollo Ohnos – 20 IC
4. Jump Squats – 20
5. Burpees – 5  
Rinse & Repeat
Corner 3
5 Sec. Count in Between Each Set  
1. Alt. Shoulder Taps – 20 IC
2.Flutter Kicks – 20 IC
3. Dips – 20
4. Bobby Hurley’s – 20
5. Burpees – 5  
Rinse & Repeat

Tin Cup called Omaha at 6:03 AM. The PAX moseyed to midfield for some Mary.


Honey Maid, Safe Ride and Stella! each led an ab exercise, and the group ended with 37 American Hammers (Rancid Style).

Circle of Trust (COT):

First I want to thank you to Safe Ride and Stella! for helping me lead today and thank Stella and the F3 leadership for asking me to be the site Q at the Colosseum last year. If you were at the shovel pass last year, you may remember that after giving his COT, Stella! graciously asked if I wanted to say a few words. I kept it short and my only response was “Thank You”. Well, that was last year and what you probably did not know is that I banked my time to this year so buckle up it is going to be a long ride because a lot of stuff happened over the past year. Just kidding, I will try to keep this brief, but I do want to say a few things.

First, every morning I post to F3, I am inspired by members of the PAX. The definition of Inspire is to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, and every morning I post, as well as, when I see what so many F3 members are doing outside of beat downs, I am inspired to be a better husband, father, and person. Whether it is because of a PAX member is:

  • Posting regularly
  • Giving a vulnerable, thoughtful and/or personal COT
  • Organizing volunteer of community service projects
  • Transforming his body and grinding to get into better shape, or
  • Supporting the SIX or any member of the PAX who may be struggling

There are so many ways this group of men have inspired me, and especially over the past few months, I have been inspired by the positive energy this group generates. I won’t name all of the men who have inspired me since I joined F3 because it would take too long and I am sure I would miss a handful of HIM, but if you are like me, the list is long and I add to it every day.

Before F3, I am sure I was around colleagues at work and friends and family that inspired me occasionally, but how lucky are we that we have the opportunity to be inspired every morning. To me, this has been life changing. Additionally, having the privilege of being the Site Q at the Colosseum has been an honor and I am so thankful I was given this opportunity, and I know it has helped me grow and be more accountable over the past year. Also, many days, it gave me the opportunity to see my son before his football practice or my daughter before her cheerleading practice. So if your alarm goes off at 4:45 this winter and you are considering not positing, think about all of the men who have inspired you over the past few weeks, months years, and how fortunate we are to have the privilege of waking up every morning and going to one of 300 F3Omaha sites J to be around HIM who will undoubtedly inspire us to be better and accelerate.

So when we were searching for a new Site Q, I reached out to Stella! And Safe Ride for their input, and both of them brought up the same person. Honey Maid. When I texted Honey Maid to ask him if he wanted to take over, I notice that the last time I had texted him was the day he first posted as an FNG about a year prior at the Colosseum. This was hard for me to believe at first because he has accelerated and it seems like he has been part of F3 much longer than that. Thank you for agreeing to take over, and we know you will do a great job.

Honey Maid sad a few works of thanks and then we ended in prayer.

Aye – Tin Cup

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