2 November 2022 – Catalyst Launch

AO: Catalyst

PAX (45): Birdman, Beethoven, Hei Hei, Mr, Deeds, Hard Hat, Lite Brite, Motor Boat, Obi Wan, Oompa, Wentworth, Ozark(Respect), Wait Time(Respect), Barn Door, Armbar, Armando, Cataracts, Plague,

Griswold, Ditty,  Cheap Seats, Gator, Backcountry, Bouncer, Sister Act, Mulligan(Respect), Toto, Tea Party, Mufasa, Fine Print, Grillz, Sparty, Pantyhose, Bayside, Baskin(Respect), Truly, Sasquach, Farva, LPC, Nailed It, Khakis(Respect), Stripes, Patton(Respect), Lansberry, Tator Tot, Chucky.

QIC: Chucky

YHC pulled into the AO at 0425 not having slept much the night before and spent some time reviewing his COT.  One by one several cars pulled into the parking lot for a prerun that was scheduled last minute.  Some thought it was crazy to have a prerun before a running site, but we all went along with it.  As the pre runners funneled back into the parking lot, YHC was anxious to see if anyone would show up for the new site launch, to his surprise the parking lot was full of HIM (Runners and Ruckers) and remembers being overwhelmed with emotion from all the support.  YHC welcomed the PAX at 0515, recited the 3F’s, mission statement, five core principles, credo and disclaimer.   

YHC explained the format, which consisted of an out and back route where all the PAX would start together and finish together, heading back to the Shovel flag at 0540. He reminded the group that this site will be focused on the mumblechatter and that they should pair up with similar paces with the goal of building a deeper bond with the guy next to him.  The PAX took off together and formed their groups almost immediately.  Once on the Old Lincoln road the route turns to a brick road in near darkness.  YHC remembered that he forgot to remind guys to bring headlamps.  The site seemed to be working as planned as there were multiple groups running and rucking at all different paces.  0540 hit and the PAX headed back.  It was great to see some of the faster guys heading back out after finishing, start together and finish together. All the PAX made it back at 0610. 


• 4 HIM golf tournament sat 11/12, check slack

•             Nemo earned cross country male runner of the year

•             Fancy feast launch Friday

•             Tank trot Friday 

•             First Friday lunch this Friday

•             Impact retreat Jan 5-7 check slack

•             Project pink t claps, 6k raised


•             Pit stop’s M battling brain cancer

•             Swipers daughter Chloe and Katie

•             Steeple had a baby

•             Todd Smith(SVdP dad) lost his battle to cancer

•             Sasquach’s – Aunt Nancy back surgery 

•             Crank Bait’s baby difficulties 

•             Xavier sobriety

•             Tin cup

•             Beethoven brother Max out of recovery

•             Farva – officers involved in shootings

•             Toto – family friend had baby ran over


What is a Catalyst?

Catalyst = A person or thing that causes a change or event to happen.  As leaders we can be Catalysts for others, our job is to bring out the best in people.  We do that by encouraging others to try new things, look for the potential in others that they cannot see in themselves, give them the confidence to get outside their comfort zone.

When PH and Sparty approached me about opening up a site, I had reflected on how many times I thought about being a site Q and rejected the idea.  I didn’t see myself in the same light as other site Q’s   Those guys had their shit together and were natural leaders.  Not me, I was just another guy doing my own thing and coming and going as I pleased.  But those guys saw the potential in me, they encouraged me and gave me the confidence I needed.  They were my Catalyst for opening this AO.

When it finally sank in that I would be a site Q, I began recounting my journey in F3 hoping to find inspiration and meaning for this new site.  I thought back to an awkward late night text from my sons baseball coach(you all know him as Birdman) that kicked off my F3 journey. Very soon after that first awkward post, I knew this was something special.  Looking to fit in and stay warm in freezing temps, I joined a prerunning group, and man did it suck.  I hated running and I couldn’t talk as much as I wanted to😀. I didn’t know it at the time but this would become the most impactful part of F3 for me and a Catalyst that continues to help me accelerate in all three F’s.  Through those preruns I met and built true friendships that didn’t just shake out of the sifter.  I learned what it meant to be vulnerable, share laughs and discuss challenges, truly care about the guy next to me and listen😊. 

My journey with F3 made the mission clear, This site will focus on the mumblechatter, it will be a Catalyst for HIM to experience a deeper fellowship and acceleration that comes from a run, ruck, or walk with your bothers in the gloom.

I am humbled and honored to lead you today and beyond thankful for this opportunity.



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