“Care Bear Square Squared”

Date: November 4, 2022

PAX (6): Schrute, Razzle Dazzle, G String, Feeney, Echo

FNGs : None

AO: The Farm

Q: Farva (Beans)

Conditions: Light Rain, 41 degrees F, Feels like 33 degrees F, Humidity 82%, Wind 15 mph from NNW.

At 5:15, YHC welcomed the PAX to The Farm and recited the 5 core principles, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as necessary. The exercises are simply a suggestion. 

Warm-O-Rama: The PAX moseyed to the grassy area just north of the flag.

17 SSH (IC)

17 Cherry Pickers (IC)

17 Imperial Walkers (IC)

Pre-Thang: No Pre-Thang….we got right to business. 


This beatdown was designed as variation on the IPC workout “Care Bear Square.” YHC had set up a square of light up cones in the grassy area. Since we had a small group today, we would all stay together during the workout. Each cone had one exercise taped to it (inside a ziplock bag of course). The first cone was 5 burpees. The group completed the burpees and then bear crawled to the next cone. The second cone was 10 “Johnny” Squats. This was an exercise that was accidently created at a Pit beatdown because we improvised an exercise we did not know. It consists of a deep squat with a calf extension at the top of the squat, hence the “Johnny” (like Drama).  The group completed the squats and left side bear crawled to the next cone. The third cone was 15 Merkins. The group completed the Merkins and then crawl beared to the next cone. The fourth and final cone was 20 Big Boys. The group completed the big boys and ran to the start of the second square.

The first cone of the second square was at Main St. and Railroad St., it again consisted of 5 burpees. The group completed the burpees and ran to the second cone. The second cone was at Main St. and First St., it consisted of 10 Bonnie Blairs (IC….the hard way). The group completed the BBs and ran to the third cone. The third cone was at First St. and Cedar St., it consisted of 15 Ranger Merkins. The group completed the Merkins and ran to the fourth and final cone. The fourth cone was at Cedar St. and Railroad St., it consisted of 20 LBCs (IC). The group completed the LBCs and ran back to first cone. The group would return back to the inner square and rinse and repeat. The PAX completed 5 rounds of each square with a total distance of about 1.5 miles

The soundtrack to the beatdown was based around an animal theme since we were at the farm. I was worried about a possible noise complaint, but the construction noise was louder than the music at most times. After the first round, we took time carrying the speaker around to each cone. The final round was completed while listening to F**K the Police. The animal in question to fit the theme….pig of course. We had great mumblechatter with such a small group and of course a few Farva beans. Although, not all the beans were from YHC this time. The flag had blown over multiple times during the beatdown (high wind and moist wet ground are not a good combo), but G STRING decided just to carry it around the square as we did the workout. Thanks G!! I wish I had a picture of him carrying it in the dim light with the wind and rain, it was a beautiful site.         


30 Farva beans were completed on the soft cold and wet grass. (15 IC in each direction)

17 Sarpy Slammers (Rancid Style)

Prayers and Announcements

Prayer request for Schrute’s aunt Stephanie who passed away the previous night.

Prayer request for Crankbait and his M.

Prayer request for all police officers.

Food drive

Thankful Trot


I am a big believer in things happen for a reason. Ever since I got the catamount flag, I have struggled to try to be at all the special F3 occasions (like today) and it has caused a bit of anxiety. This can be attributed to my OCD tendencies. I even considered asking Schrute if I could switch days, but after deep thought I realized I could not do that to my brother and someone that has become a good friend. I thought to myself that maybe my Q is a special occasion for him or another PAX. I ask everyone to remember that you cannot be everywhere for everyone, but the sky Q will put you right where you need to be. Special occasions are in the eye of the beholder and maybe the simplest events like playing with your kids or showing up for your brothers is their special occasion.

10,7 EOT


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