Sanitarium 11/1/2022 Patton’s 52nd Birthday Q


Pax – Swiper, Mr. Hanky (Respect), Skynard, Honky Tonk (Hate), Nemo (Hate). Shingles, Dozer, Razzle Dazzle, Rooney, Boss Hog, Milo, Double Dip, Squeaky Clean, Canadian Bacon (Respect Respect), Kick Stand, Busser, Saw Hop (Hate), Harding, Crank Bait, and Chernobyl


Q – Patton


It was 40 degrees, YHC arrived to change over after working nights. As YHC got out of my vehicle I was met by Mr. Hanky. I planted the Coronado and Patton flags and was approached by Shingles ready to do a pre-ruck. We stepped off and chose a route that swung by the practice turf field to set-up my lights for the beatdown. Two light placed along the goal line and another 2 lights placed on the 26 yard line. Shingles and I were joined by Crank Bait and we had a great 2nd F conversation.


YHC welcomed the 21 Pax present, went over the mission statement, core principles, the moto, and announced that I am not a professional and to modify as needed. I welcomed four new comers to Sanitarium and we stepped off with Swiper covering the rear. 


Warm-a-rama – 

10 – SSH (IC) 

10 – Cherry Pickers (IC)

10 – Wind Mills (ISlowC)

10 – Tappy Taps (IC) with a reach around – you should have been there


The Thang 

To celebrate my 52 birthday we did a beatdown centered around the number 52.

Yhc instructed the pax we would stay together as a group and do 50 of each exercise after each exercise we ran to the 26 yardline and did 2 slow burpees and then did 50 of the next exercise –

The exercises were as follows – 

  1. 50 MERKINS
  2. 50 BUTT KICKS (IC)
  5. 50 ALT LUNGES (IC)
  7. 50 WERKINS
  9. 50 LBC’S (IC)
  10. 50 SUN GODS (IC)
  11. 50 AIR SQUATS


YCH requested help from the PAX to do the cadence and the Sarpy Swagger was flowing – YHC’s intent was to break up the 50 reps but the Sarpy guys chose to do them all at once – YHC called Omaha after completing Sun Gods and the 2 Slow Burpies


We moseyed to the new staging area (YHC chose to forego his signature Mucho Chesto and this old man was smoked)

6 MIN of Mary 

American Hammers – Rancid Style – YHC continued the cadence unit 52 were completed




Tri-City Food Pantry – Sarpy Food Drive this goes all month

Queen Service kicking off this week

Catalyst Launch on Wednesday

Fancy Feast Launch on Friday



Halloween – the weather and time spent with family

YHC gave praise to Nemo and Honky Tonk 

My son coming out to support this old man is something special



Crankbait and his wife Jessica for their pregnancy


Swiper, his M Katie, and their daughter Chloe


Pit Stop and Lindsey


For the PAX and the mental load we all carry 



YHC spoke from the heart, rambled a bit, but the gist is make sure you are intentional with your time and the people you spend that time with.


YHC took us out in prayer

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