AO: Beverly Hills   

November 2, 2022

57 degrees, unseasonably warm, light breeze perfect!

PAX- Rancid, E85, Convoy, Stranglehold, Beeps, Side Dish, Polaroid, Joe Buck, Frosty, Demogorgon, Sputnik, Kielbasa, Good Looking, Buns of Steel, Cyclone, Bog One, U-Haul, Guts,

Q: Roadhouse

I pulled into the lot around 5:20 AM. It was a beautiful fall morning. 57 degrees in November was something I can get used to. I had been to Beverly Hills just one time before and needed to walk the grounds and get comfortable with where I wanted to take the PAX. I had some thoughts but wasn’t sure where to execute.

The basketball court looked like a nice spot for Warm-a-rama. The hill was perfect for the pre-thang. And then to the south of the clubhouse, there was a plowed field. Flat, good distance. It was ideal for the thang. The locations were locked in, now I just needed some horses to run with…

As the time neared, the cars started to pull in. I saw new faces. I saw old faces. I saw faces I loved. And faces I would soon love. At 5:30, there were 19 of us. The energy in the circle was terrific. Everyone seemed to want to be there. Very rare for a Roadhouse Q…

I welcomed the PAX. Walked through the 3 Fs, the five core principles, fucked up the mission statement again and got things started. We moseyed over to the basketball court for Warm-a-Rama. It was very dark and at first, I could not find in the darkness. My friend U-Haul pointed to it and showed me the way. There was a ball sitting along the three-point arc and I had a decision to make. Do I grab it and shoot it, possibly humiliating myself and losing all credibility before the workout even starts? Or do I leave it alone.

To me, a basketball on the court is like the ocean. Once I see it, I have to do something with it. So I scooped it up and started dribbling. I weaved through a handful of PAX and tried a finger roll. The ball flipped off the tip of my fingers and floated towards the hoop. I watched anxiously as the ball bounced around the rim. It felt like hours as it teetered back and forth and eventually fell through the net. Whew… That was close!

Now we could do Warm-a-Rama…

WARM-A-RAMA: Basketball Court

Big Ones

Tappy Taps

Pickle Pushers with eye contact (that was for you Stranglehold!)


Yodel Jacks

After Warm-a-rama , we moseyed back towards the flags. It was time for that pre-thang! The hill was a perfect venue. Did someone say 11s?


For the Pre-thang, we did 11s up the hill. At the bottom, copperhead squats were on the menu. At the top of hill, Chuck Norris Merkins awaited us.

11s were a bitch on that hill and this guy was exhausted so after 6 sets, we moved onto the Thang.  It was time to grind.


We’re going to do a 2-man tag team grinder today.

Partner up. One guy will do exercises while the other guy runs to the other side of the field and does set of 20 core exercises

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Star Fish Crunches

20 Freddy Mercuries

20 LBCs

20 Box Cutters  

The other guy will do the list of exercises in AMRAP until the other guy returns


Carolina Dry Docks

Copperhead squats

Cherry Pickers

Bonnie Blairs

Air Presses

For the first time as a Q, I brought some music for the Thang. At first, I thought I would pick some pump up music or something off Rock Jams 7! But the morning was too serene. It was peaceful out, so I went with something more untraditional. I turned on my speaker and hit my Avett Brothers playlist. Now I am not sure if anyone else enjoyed it, but those acoustic jams and string symphonies along with some kick drum really scratched me where I itch.

As we ran back and forth through the field there was lots of mumblechatter, great energy and some laughter too.  

I called Omaha and we all gathered on one end of the field. For some reason, I wanted one more exercise, so I called for some Merkins. We dropped down and started and before I knew it, we had hit 50! Strong finish boys!

At 6:04 AM, Omaha was called. We moseyed back to the flag and circled up for Mary.


Heels to Heaven 15 IC

American Hammer Rancid Style 19  

And recover. The beatdown was over. The PAX had survived. We did good. Real good!

Name a Rama went smooth, and we kicked into announcements.


Beverly Hills Swag is now available on MudGear. Big shoutout to Polaroid for the design!

Our man Slick had a baby boy this week. Ford Snarskis! #stud. I already have an F3 name in mind… Fairlane

Prayer Requests:

Frosty’s M has lost a few people in her life lately. Please think of her as she navigates this challenging time. She is an amazing human being and her and Frosty are just fucking awesome!


I recently heard some say something in an interview and it really resonated with me. The person said, “If you don’t practice happiness where you are, you are not going be happy when you get what you want.”

That one hit me square between the eyes. Because I realized something in those words. I have been waiting for things to happen that would make me happy instead of finding the happiness that was right in front of me. I will give you some examples: Once my divorce is final, then I can start living my life again. As soon as I get into a better place financially, then watch out. How about this one, when someone as work finally sees how valuable I am, then I’ll start cooking with gas…

The fact is I have been waiting around for certain things to happen that will bring me happiness. But this quote made it clear, If I am not practicing it now, it doesn’t matter what happens down the road, I won’t ever feel it. And frankly, I haven’t been practicing it at all.

So how do you practice happiness?

You celebrate what’s going right in the world.

You practice gratitude.

You laugh.

You get silly.

You spend time with people who bring you joy and remove those people who bring you down.

You love, with everything you have!

Because the fact is that the degree you are pursuing, the job you are interviewing for, the partner who are hoping for. Even the fitness, the fellowship and the faith. None of those things will bring you happiness if you don’t start practicing it now.

So reflect on how you can start practicing happiness today!

I love you guys!


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