Storm Breaker 10/31/22, 5:30 AM, 36 Degrees – High Intensity Interval Training

PAX: 5 Total: Firewalker, Dozer, Tips, Harding

QIC: Duracell

Warmarma: 10 side straddle hops, 15 sun gods, 15 reverse sun gods, 10 tappy taps,  10 big ones, 5 slow burpees, 5 fast burpees, 20 High Knees I/C, 15 Slap Back Squats (start in squat, while jumping clap hands behind back)

The Thang:  We did High Intensity Interval Training “rounds” consisting of 30 seconds of each exercise. We repeated each round twice. 

Round 1: Press Jacks (Merkin while doing side straddle hop with feet), Ski Down Abs (similar to Sarpy Slammer, but move your feet to the opposite side as your hands), Fast Feet w/ jump squat on the Q’s call, Plank Walk (hold plank while walking your hands sided to side), Speed Floor Punch (alternating side lunge while touching ground with your hand)

Round 2: Plank Jack Front Reach (hold plank while raising alternating hands out front as your legs kick out), Free Runner (start with feet together & jump up while kicking 1 foot forward), Lat Merkins (alternating hands, move one hand down to the rib cage & point fingers out while performing merkins), Floor Hops (bear crawl stance, jump your feet up & swing side to side)

Round 3: Plank to Squat (start in squat, jump back to plank, jump back to squat without standing up), 10 & 2 Punch Jump (while jumping your feet from the 10 to 2 position, punch alternating hands), Side Step Merkins (do a merkin, step your hands & feet one step to the side, repeat the opposite direction), Fast Feet Down (fast feet & down to markin position on the Q’s call)

Round 4: Power Jump Dive (Start with a jump squat, fall forward to bear crawl, walk your hands back to your feet, repeat), Swinging Bonnie (bonnie blair your feet while throwing alternating hooks with your hands), X-Abs (on your back, start with feet & shoulders off ground & hands over crotch, kick your feet out as you lift your hands over your head to form an X), Iron Legs (Lunge, Alternate Lunge, Wide Leg Jump Squat)

Core Finish

We finished with 4 minutes of static core exercises, followed by 3 rounds of Sarpy Slammers.

COT: With it being Halloween, the COT was “try something you’re scared of”.  The examples used in the message were trying a workout that you’re currently scared of, or stepping on the scale if you’re afraid of what the number might say, or committing to a goal or program that you don’t know if you can finish.  

My personal example was that when I joined F3, I was scared to try a bootcamp, because of the unknown of what you’d be doing. My first workout was a Murph & while challenging, I knew what to expect. I was scared of the bootcamp, but thankful I tried it after coming out.


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