Cornhusker handicap

November 1, 2022

Weather: 43 Degrees no wind clear skies

Pre-Runner:   Stitches

Q: Blades of Glory

PAX Members:  Stitches, Convoy, Rocket, Black Jack, Doll Face, hooah, Demagordon, Rail Runner, Snowman, Sandy cheeks.

Pax member started gathering around the flags at 5:21 for some mumble chatter and introductions since Blades hasn’t been here since his last Q (like February?).

5:30 Did theF3 intro  Fitness Fellowship Faith.  5 Core principles men, free, outside, rotate, cot, leave no man behind no man where found him.  Mission statement is to plant, grow and serve small mens workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  Modify as needed.  And thanked Black Jack for allowing me to Q on my 19th Wedding Anniversary, which some pax congratulated me on!  

Warma Rama 5:32

20 Side straddle hop IC

15 Imperial walkers IC

Tap tap 15

Big ones 2 More of a stretch on each side for 10 seconds.

Inch Worms 5 of them

Yoga. Stretch. ( Hold Down Dog, extend leg into pigeon both sides)

Pre-Pre Thang was by the grass (which smelled like dog urine) and tones.

Tabata: 25 Seconds 5 second rest (switch positions) 3 Rounds 4 excercises.


Big Boys

Mountain Climbers

Monkey Humpers

Group Pre-Thang 

Let’s start to cross the field:

2 Rounds Bear Crawl 15 Yards. 25 Merkins Bear crawl another 15 yards(ish) then 20 merkins (which I ended up doing knee Merkins for the last 10).

Pax turned around and did walking lunges back to the sidewalk.

Air Squats: IC 4 Count (50 of them)  Nice and slow!  

All fours: 2 rounds

On all fours 25 each leg first round then 20 each leg second round.

Kick Up:

Dog got to go pee move

Thang: encouraged guys to go as hard as they could for this.

12 Burpees, 12 LBC (IC) 12 Monkey Humpers (IC)

Run around the track aka(field, tower, along sidewalk)

Do it again but 3 less so 9,9,9. Etc.then 6,6,6 etc.

Made it through the 6th set but told everyone to stay put for Mary.


Big ones 20

Frozen Freddie’s 30 ic

Box cutters 15

Stitches did something like a gas pumper but one leg out at a time? 15

StarFish 15 IC

American hammers

11 pax total


First Friday at Inner Rail

D3 in Elkhorn

Queen service started last night can still join


Doll Face family has surgery on Friday for Denise.

Demogordian mentioned Blades for what he is going through..

With that took it into COT

Blades of Glory did share the ongoing battle. While doing my best to stay positive and not stay in the Victim role but rise above it.  I think it was my longest talking COT so if actually reading the backblast feel free to ask and I can tell you more.  



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