10/31/2022, 5:30am | Mission Forge | Millard, NE| 39 degrees and slight breeze
“ Take those Opportunities “ 

# of PAX: 20

QIC:  Skidz and Eartag

0445 sMurph (8)

PAX: Eartag, Jump Street, Tea Party, Oompah, Fine Print, Da Kine, Escobar, Skidz

0530 Beatdown (20)

PAX: Da Kine, White Claw, Pit Stop, Oompah, Copperfield, Smurph Turf, Supe, Tea Party, Jump Street, Urkel, Golden Pond, Vlasic, Lincoln Logs, Scoober, Fine Print, Obi-Won, Bayside, Escobar, Eartag, Skidz.

Skidz welcomed the Pax at 0530 sharp.

Eartag went on to cover the 5 core principles of F3.  

1)  Always Free.  
2) Always held outdoors.
3) Led in a rotating fashion.
4) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).  
5) Open to ALL men.

Skidz bungled the credo and then asked if there were any FNGs and there were none.  Boooooooooooooo.

Disclaimer: Eartag then went on to explain that he is not an expert and to modify the exercise suggestions if/as necessary. Skidz then instructed the PAX we would mosey to the ballfields for our warm-a-rama.

Warm-a-rama: We ran down Washington St to Z St to the Black Elk Park ballfields.  It sounds like this hill is going to be named Battle Hill or something similar – it was a beast!  Top 3 hill in F3Omaha?  Arguably yes! 

The Thang: 

We did a 3 man grinder in groups of 3 – working their way from Center to Home Plate.

While 2 men did the workout in pairs working down the sheet, the 3rd man ran to home plate and worked down the spooky exercises.   

Center Field: Bropees, Big Boys Feet Touch, Merkin Side Fives, Bro Sit, Eye Stare Monkey Humpers, Heel Touches/Hand Touch.

Home Plate: Bat Spin Clockwise, Bat Spin Counterclockwise, Bat Side Jumps, Bat F/R Jumps, Bat Raise the Roofs, Griffey Goofy Swings. Fortunately (or unfortunately) we didn’t get PAX dizzy enough

OMAHA was called by YHC around 0600 to allow time to mosey back to the shovel flags for Mary (slammers), NOR, announcements, and prayers.

Mary: We threw down some Sarpy slammers while counting off.

Name-a-rama was completed with 20 PAX present.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:  Prayers for PitStop and his M/family.  Catalyst launch Wednesday, FancyFeast launch Friday.

COT:  Skidz shortly touched on taking an opportunity every day, we are blessed to be able to wake up, do these workouts, and enjoy Halloween with your family, friends, and neighborhood.  Eartag took us out w/prayer.


Skidz and Eartag

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