October 28th / Burke HS

AO: Golden Spike

Q: Golden Pike

PAX: Outhouse, FDIC, Black Flag, Z(ombie)-bo, Dirty Bird, Mother Goose, Tugboat, Tom Tom, Jenny Bravo

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.


YHC lead the PAX to mosey to the field. At the goal line, we circled up and did:

20x SSH

20x Imperial walkers

12x Big Ones

15x Tappy Taps


Extremely Grueling Zombie Apocalypse Cardio Training (E.G.Z.A.C.T)


1 ruck pack, 3 coupons and 1 half coupon

Lines the PAX up and down a row of bleacher steps. Started by having guys pass the ruckpack and then the coupon back up to the top guy. Once the top guy was handed the item, he then ran to the other bleacher steps with an entrance at the bottom, moseyed to the bottom and moseyed back to the end of the line and passed the item up. So there was a continual cycle of items being passed and carried up and down the stairs. 

We had to adjust the line several times because it started clumping at the bottom but after a few cycles we got the hang of it.

The Thang

Zombie Grinder

Told the guys to mosey with me to the goal line. At the goal line, the PAX picked a partner.

Each partner set would pick one card out of the workout deck and then they’re stuck doing 100 of those exercises AMRAP while the other guy reverse crabwalks to the 10 yard line and back. After about a dozen repetitions of this, the PAX realized they could not lift their arms out in front of them, which is OK because it means they have avoided turning into a zombie because (as we all know) what makes someone a zombie is whether or not there arms are held out straight in front of them.


PAX circled up and we then did 15x Oh Yeahs on each arm, spelled Z.O.M.B.I.E.S. with our feet and concluded with American Hammers. We then gathered the stuff and moseyed back to the shovel flags.


You can go your whole live never trying anything. Never experiencing anything new. Walking the same path and shuffling into nothingness until you die. Like a zombie. But that is not the life God wants for you. Jesus said that He came to bring us life and life more abundantly. Rise from the grave and live anew in Christ.

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Golden Spike, AO

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