AO:  Main Stage | October 26th,  2022 | 42deg

PAX:  Canadian Bacon, Bayside, Rollbar, Barber Shop, Hoser, Longneck, Sweet Sweet, Stranglehold, Urkel, Murder Bunny Slope, Golden Pond, Hard Hat, The Shape, Baby Shoes, Lily Pad, Relish, Escobar, The Boogeyman.

QIC: The Boogeyman

5:30am: Welcomed the PAX, went through mission statement, core principles, credo and disclaimer.  No FNGS present.

Met at bottom of Stairs:  Did a snake run of the stairs with 5 merkins when you hit the top each time.

Met at the wall:  20 sec wall sit, 10 Chicken peckers IC, 10 donkey kicks x2

Took a lap and met at the 50yd line.

We did a leg burner before the thang.  10 squats, 10 bonnie blairs IC, 10 jump squats, 10 smurph jacks

Counted off in three’s for a Cult of Thorn Grinder:

Cult of thorn Grinder: 

Push Group:  Partner carry to 30 yd line, switch partners and back to goal line.  15 merkins together then push.

Group 2:  Decline chuck Norris merkins x 20, Raise the roof x 20, Dry docks x 20, werkins x 20. Rinse & Repeat

Group 3: Prison squats x 20, Bonnie blairs x 20, mountain climbers x 20, jump squats x 20.  Rinse & Repeat

Core finisher:  V-ups x 15, gas pumpers x 15 IC, low dollies x 15, flutter kicks x 15 IC

Yoga finisher

Prayers & Announcements: Pitstop and his M Lindsay, Relish’s mom Alice, Barbershop’s Mom Melinda, Apex at boundary line, Pit & Dragon’s lair 2.0 costume workouts

CoT: Michael Audrey Myers, (born October 19, 1957) also known as the Shape or the Boogeyman, is the main antagonist of the Halloween franchise.

He is an emotionless, mute serial killer who, at the age of six, murdered his older sister Judith in cold blood on Halloween night and was incarcerated in a mental institution. Breaking out fifteen years later, Michael proceeds to stalk and murder the residents of his hometown in Haddonfield, Illinois, almost every year on Halloween night.

Due to his ruthless murderous nature and unsettling behaviour, as well as his nearly supernatural demeanor and even more surprisingly his lack of a tragic or sympathetic backstory to give a clear reason for his actions, Michael is considered to be the embodiment of pure evil.


  • 170 kills, most of any horror slasher
  • He’s intelligent, inhumanly strong, patient, perceptive, stealthy, quick learner and possess an indomitable will.
  • His mask is based off a Captain Kirk mask with it’s features removed and repainted
  • Michael is heavily regarded as horror’s most iconic figure.  He is notorious for igniting the slasher genre and inspiring other fictional killers in modern pop culture. Even after 40 years he is still the most popular fictional serial killer in horror history.
  • His face has only been seen a few times and to the best of my knowledge has only spoken twice.

Why I love Michael Myers and the Halloween franchise:  He is the personification of true Evil.  He looks like a regular person, because he is.  His mask is uncanny.  It looks almost human but is just alien enough to become unsettling.  There is a blankness to him. No Character, No emotions and his silence is unnerving.  His Kills are some of the most intelligent yet traumatizing in the genre.  The character himself, the series and the soundtrack throughout the years let everyone know when Halloween is around that it’s time for us to celebrate the boogeyman.

Halloween the franchise is something near and dear to me.  I’ve been obsessed with him and the movies since I was a child.  I know that probably freaks some out.  But I’ve always loved them.  The closet scene in the original is to this day one of the only truly terrifying scenes I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve watched hundreds of horror movies.  The one light bulb, the cheap, defenseless louvered closet doors, and a woman alone on the floor fighting for her life with death in her face and only one way out still sticks out as cinematic greatness to me. 

I appreciate F3 and main stage letting me lead today, close to one of my favorite times of the year.  This is the place to really be yourself and no matter who that is or what interests you, I guarantee you will be celebrated.  So this is your daily reminder to let that Freak Flag fly when given the opportunity.  You never know who’s right there with you.


The Boogeyman

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