10-28-22 Brick Yard


QIC: Chernobyl

PAX(6): Chernobyl, Vanilla Ice, Blood Shot, Ditty, Bobsled, My Bell

5:30 Chernobyl welcomed all PAX members and FNGs to the beautiful gloom. He listed off the 5 core principles, mission statement and credo. He mentioned that he is not a professional and that all exercises are a suggestion and to modify if needed. We then moseyed to the middle of the grass area for Warm-O-Rama.

5:32 Warm-O-Rama


Michael Phelps x 10 IC

Leg Swings x 10 each

Trunk stretch x 6 IC

5:35 Thang

We jumped into the thang which was meant to make grown men cry. The entire Beatdown was set up as 100 rep Rounds completed in sets of 25 reps each. Between each 25 set required 5 Jump Squats. 

Round 1 – 100 yd Farmer Carry

Round 2 – 100 yd Bear Crawl

Round 3 – 100 Overhead Press

Round 4 – 100 Werkins

Round 5 – 50 Coupon Swings

Round 6 – 50 Steel Hammers

Round 7 – 100 Coupon Curls

Repeated this nearly twice before omaha

Mary: 25 Blockees and American Hammers

6:10 Name-O-Rama / COT

COT: Since joining F3 my outlook on my goals and life have changed pretty drastically and I feel like I’m a much more caring person living third.

This week our pastor shared a quote with me that speaks to the way many people see life:

We think that finding ‘me’ is the key

and then we Join the we that is most like me;

God’s plan is that we first start with we

and then we discover ‘me’

Live life looking out for others and yours with be filled several times over. God will provide. 

Announcements: mental battle 10/29 Scooters near 132nd & Dodge

1000 steps for Veterans Day at Brickyard. Signup on slack. Free will donation for veterans PTSD.

2.0 Halloween BD tomorrow at the Pit.

Prayers: Pit Stop, Chloe

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