PAX (9) : Zoro, Baby Shark, Swiper, Schrute, Chernobyl, Levy, Eartag, KOA, Firewalker

Q: G String

Pre Runners: ~13 PAX… too dark to get all the names. 

While shuffling to get the masks out for the group, at 5:30 am, G String welcomed the PAX to the Sandlot and asked them to grab a mask (recommended – not required), announcing that F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. The 5 core principles were recited – it’s free, open to all men, always outside, it’s held in a rotating fashion, and it ends in a circle of trust. G String covered the motto of F3, stating that we leave no man behind and no man where we found him. He disclaimed to the group that he is not a professional. He failed to share the F3 Mission Statement to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. (I blame the mumblechatter amongst the group).  There was no FNG’s. The group set their watches and hit the road. Just upon takeoff, the adjacent AO (Steel Mill) began a mosey in the same direction which was surprising. “Sand Mill” was shouted – and then they wen the other way. 

Warm a Rama: NA


The PAX took off through Halleck Park’s long entrance drive towards 84th and hung a left (south) towards Cedardale. When a car would drive by, the PAX dropped the masks over their faces and performed a burpee and held a creepy Al Gore (hands up squatting position), staring at the cars as they passed. This was the routine until the group made it to the Cedardale Cemetery. G String led 31 reps ofWWI’s at the gate of the cemetery. The group ran around the cemetery (G String first asked if anyone would be offended by doing this, respectfully) and then upon returning to the gates once more, 31 reps of Heels to Heaven were completed (IC). The PAX then ran a zig-zag route through the neighborhood back to the flags whereSarpy Slammers (10) were performed.

Name-o-Rama (see above list of PAX) – performed with masks on. 

FNG’s: None

Announcements: Last few days of coat drive for Open Door Mission. 2.0 Workout on Saturday at the Pit. 6 am regular beatdown, 7:15 am 2.0 beatdown. Turkey Trot coming soon – more info to follow. Halfway House this Sunday. Pink Out at the Farm tomorrow. 

Prayers/Intentions: Chloe (Swiper’s daughter) and the family. Pit Stop’s M and the family. Chernobyl’s illness. Silent prayers. 


Switching to the first person… Imposter Syndrome. This is a mental challenge that is more common among us than we realize. It’s a struggle to feel confident in oneself, feeling inferior to others and constantly comparing to the attributes, talents, successes, etc. of those around us. I struggle with this in my own decisions and actions. I constantly compare myself to others – at work, among my friends/peers, during workouts, etc. What makes that person more successful than me? I wonder if I can accomplish what they did? Am I worthy to be among these successful people? The short answer is yes. We are at the table for a reason. We all need learn to love the person in the mirror and allow others to as well. When we receive a compliment, accept it with gratitude. “Compare yourself to no one but Christ and model your life after him and it will all fall into place.” – confidential PAX. 

G String took us out in prayer.

Aye! – G String

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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