Oct. 26 F3 FUN DIP with Takedown at MOUNT OLYMPUS. 2.0 workout!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:15 Opening

5 core principles, Mission statement, Credo

5:18 Warm-O-Rama

10 Moroccan Night clubs, 10 Big Ones, 10 Side straddle hops, warm up lap and do as I do. 

5:25 pre thing

25 curls then piggy back 2.0 and run around the cone and back. 

25 squats with 2.0 as a piggy back. Then monkey humper walk to the cone and back

25 shoulder presses with your 2.0. Then both super Mario Brother around the cone and back

The thing 1

team races:

  1. Dad completes 10 Kraken blookees while 2.0 AMRAPs sumo squats. 
  • when dad gets done 2.0 runs up to the top of the cone preforms 10 merkins then runs back. 
  • Dad AMRAPs triceps extensions while they are running. 
  1. 2.0 completes 10 burpees as Dad AMRAPs sumo squats. 
  • Dad runs up preforms 20 merkins and runs back
  • 2.0 AMRAPs shoulder presses
  1. Dad completes 25 WW1s while 2.0 AMRAPs LCBs. 
  • Somebody crab walks and the other bear crawls but you can’t break eye contact to the top and Bernie Sanders to the six

The thing 2

2.0s vs Dads

Both groups AMRAP

  1. Plank hold
  2. Flutter kicks 
  3. Curls
  4. Shoulder press
  5. Sumo squat

As each member frog hops up and back until everyone is done.  The team that finished first wins!!!

COT:  Takedowns Birthday.  I want this COT to be a conversation with your 2.0.  Tell them how much you love them and all the ways they are special to you. Then vs versa the 2.0s… tell your Dad how much you mean to them.  Tell how much you appreciate them being your dad. 

Beat-Down: (8) fun dip, double dip, Razzle dazzle, Amadeus, mortar ,shingles, legolas, crank bait 

(9) 2.0s

(0) FNGs

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