26 October 2022 – Catalyst (pop-up) – The Running Mumblechatter AO

AO: Catalyst (pop-up)

PAX (18): Chucky, Nailed It, Ditty, Bubbles, Cataracts, Stripes, Fine Print, Lite Bright, Oompa, Smashmouth, Grease Fire, Truly, Backcountry, Armando, Lemu, Q-Tip (Respect), Biff, Pantyhose.

QIC: Pantyhose

YHC pulled into the AO at 0500 after a quick stop in route to setup a couple cones to mark our turns on what will be our newest Northwest Omaha AO. It’s being termed the premier (west) Omaha running AO, but the PAX were about to find out that this is not JUST a running AO.

As I pulled into the Pinnacle Bank parking lot, YHC noticed 2 PAX already there and eager to get going. This is the third week in a row of coming into this lot…a bank parking lot, in the dark at 0500. I can’t help myself from wondering how long until someone starts asking questions about 10-15 guys, all dressed in black, congregating in a bank parking lot in the dark. Well, another week and no cops…#success.

YHC welcomed the PAX at 0515, recited the 3F’s, mission statement, five core principals, and disclaimer. It was going to be another great morning for F3 Omaha! We had PAX of all shapes, sizes, and (running) abilities. It was just want YHC was hoping for on this final pop-up workout before the official launch next week. Some special favors were called in to some of our Clydesdale runners and some of the best from Oscar Mike (the bad ass ruckers of F3 Omaha) and they answered the call!

YHC explained the route, it will be an out/back east across 180th Street, down Burt Street to 174th Ave/Lincoln Highway, left on Lincoln highway and run/ruck for 25 mins and then turn-around where you are and head back. Pick up the 6 and leave no one behind. A quick count off so we can make sure everyone returns.

In usual Pantyhose fashion, just before setting out on the run/ruck, we started with a quote:  

“A bottle of water can be 50 cents at a supermarket, $2 at the gym, $3 at the movies and $6 on a plane. Same water. Only thing that changed its value was the place. So the next time you feel your worth is nothing, maybe you’re at the wrong place.” – Kobi Simmons

The PAX departed…Chucky and Ditty were hot out of the gate, followed closely by Cataracts and Stripes. YHC paired up with Armando and Nailed It and was looking forward to catching up with these two HIM along the route. Lemu and Q-Tip played a strong 6 as they rucked through the subtle gloom, backlit by the boulevard lights of Burt Street. The PAX made the turn north onto Lincoln Ave and the light very quickly faded. It was awesome to see the fellowship and mumblechatter…that is what this place is going to be all about.

Everyone made their turn-around about 0540 and started the trek back. The PAX made it back to the shovel flags around 0610 and Omaha was called.


  • Shovel Pass at Armory this Friday
  • Halfway House, Sunday 10/30, Trident, 5, 6 and 6:30
  • Catalyst launch next Wednesday 11/2
  • Fancy Feast launch next Friday 11/4
  • Impact Retreat January 5-7
  • Oscar Mike is at Sandlot this Saturday
  • Mental Battle, Saturday 6 am at Scooters (132/Dodge)


  • Relish’s mother battling colon cancer
  • Ditty’s friend battling depression
  • Pit Stop’s M
  • Schnitzel’s brother in law (Joey) undergoing cancer treatments
  • Tin Cup as he finishes cancer treatments


Contrary to what you’ve heard about Catalyst, this is not a running AO.

Some PAX are going to naturally gravitate to this AO, however, most are not.

This is not a running AO. It is not about your pace, it’s not about the miles you put in. We’re not trying to build an elite group of runners here. There will be no exercises, no cadence, fortunately (or unfortunately) no PSTs (Pop Squat Twists) and no confusion about whether it’s a windmill or an Abe Vigoda.

What we’re building here is more than that. An AO to give the PAX an opportunity for fellowship and to build solid relationships…to provide an ear when someone needs to unload something heavy. That’s what Chucky is building here at the Catalyst.

As many of you know, I’m a prerunner…I rarely post without a prerun. It’s because that 25-40 minutes before the beatdown is my therapy. Some days I say very little…other days I’ll put it out there. But’s its safe to say that some of the best connections I’ve made in my 26 months of F3 have been built from preruns. I’m excited for this AO because it provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

My charge for you all today is to reach out to someone…someone who is a little apprehensive to come to the Catalyst next week because they’re “not a runner”…bring them here and show them that it’s not about the pace or the miles…tell them to come for the mumblechatter!

Chucky took us out in prayer.



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