10/21/22 Amory – That was somebody’s little boy once too.

AO- Amory Ta-Ha Zouka Park

Q- Slow Pitch

16 PAX: Bogey, Gator, Old Spice, Boji, Smelly Cat, Tea Party, Chowda, T-Swift, Armando, Steeple, Bubbles, Da-Kine, Slow Clap (Respect), Yodel, Longneck, Slow Pitch 

How the Gloom got started: the Q got there around 5:00 AM and drove around the hills of Elkhorn and the nearby schools. He had an idea of where he wanted to put some cones for some workouts but he just wasn’t certain where or how it would work. He drove to the park he drove away from the park. He found the hill with parking spots and put out 13 cones he had no idea. He then went to a nearby football field and put out four kickass light up cones, spaced out perfectly, because someone took the time to put lines on the field for football or soccer. A car pulled up the queue didn’t know who it may be, and a shadow appeared. It was Gator. The two of them chatted for a minute, then went back to where the shovel flags would be planted. They then went for a Mosey because the Q enjoys knowing the distance between the flags and where some of the exercises are. He’s a nerd. They did their Mosey they came back and there are some HIM gathering in the lot near the light and the flags. 

At 5:30 the Q started and asked everybody to get moving by doing some Side Straddle Hop, somerunning in place, some spinning around. Basic nonsense while also trying to state the mission statement and the core principles of F3.

Mission Statement and Principles of F3: Free of Charge, Open to all men, held outdoors, led in a rotating fashion and it ends in a COT.

There were two new principles added; #6 no spitting where we exercise, #7 no farmer blowing while running in front of somebody.


The PAX was instructed to follow him on a Mosey and they want .35 miles to a hill by the school, where the cones were set up at the end of parking stalls for The Pre Thang.

Pre Thang: Hand Release Bernie Ladder

The Q asked everyone to partner up and they did this would be your partner for the entire workout. The pre thang is the Hand Release Bernie Ladder, which is one hand release Merkin at the baseline cone, then Bernie to first cone and do a hand release Merkin, run back to the baseline cone do a hand release Merkin, then Bernie to second cone, hand release Merkin. This would be repeated for 13 cones. There were a few inquiries for how long this would go on for. Some groups were instructed to rinse and repeat until the alarm went off. Once the alarm went off, we Moseyed to the kickass light up cones, for The Thang.

The Thang: 11’s Squared

We split the group into two, but remaining with our partners. At the cones were exercises and the first set was Merkins and Burpees. The Pax was instructed to do 10 Merkins at a cone, then go to next cone, do 1 Merkins, next cone 10 Burpees, next cone 1 Burpee. The next round was 9,2,9,2 and then 8,3,8,3 and so on. Omaha was called before the next exercise. We then Moseyed back to the flags.

6:07 Omaha

At the flags, we circled up and the Pax was given instructions to Side Straddle Hop through the recording of the Nama-Rama video. This was new to the Q and added a visual element that made one feel uneasy while watching. Slow Pitch was pleased that everyone was willing to participate in the stupidity.

Announcements and Prayers: New AO’s: Catalyst, Fancy Feast. A shovel flag pass at the Armory, FIA Dad Jokes, Leadership Breakfast, Poker Tourney, Project Pink. Q and get VQ’s out.

COT: My mom used to say, when we may see somebody that was homeless or that was arrested for a crime, “that was somebody’s little boy too.” I had recently met a young man that had explained to me a tragic accident that was his fault and the consequences that he was facing. I thought to myself how I wasn’t much different than him, however my consequences were never as great for my actions, as they were for his or for the tragic outcome that happened for other families. I listened to him, and I thought what it was like to be his father and stand in front of him listening to his son’s words. My heart broke for that family and for all the families that were impacted by his decision. I have to remember that I am not different from others and I have to give people the grace to make mistakes. His story is heartbreaking, but it’s not over and I hope to be a positive impact in his life and others I come across. In order for me to do that I must give grace.

Prayer: Bubbles

I am humbled to be able to lead such a awesome group of men! – Slow Pitch

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