Pax: 9–Rancid, Sputnik, Guts, Rush Hour, E85, Beeps, Side Dish, Sandy Cheeks, Polaroid

Q: Polaroid

As what has come to become the norm at Beverly Hills YHC was greeted with a dark morning in the oldest park in the metro. YHC took a quick lap around Hanscom Park to square away the route for the day he had in mind and do a little final setup.  At 5:30 the PAX were greeted with the mission statement and disclaimer before heading out for Warm’O’Rama.


While brief the PAX took a short mosey to the circle on the west end on the park.  Here motivators were completed from 7 working down.


Greeting the PAX following warm up were two coupons.  Throughout the duration of this morning’s beatdown the coupons were not to touch the ground.  The PAX were to take turns sharing and carrying as we mosey’d our way through the morning.  We would quickly depart as a group heading south down 32nd to the southwest corner. At each stop the PAX were faced with a trivia question. In addition to a history question some notable facts about Hanscom Park were shared along the way.  Answer dependent – the reps would vary at each stop. Answers were current as of October 12th.

STOP 1: 10/30 Merkins

Location and date F3 started?

Charlotte, NC on 1/1/11

STOP 2: 20/40 Mountain Climbers

How many states is F3 in today? +/- 3 (Buffer of 3 as it is about to launch in multiple countries)

45 and 11 Countries

STOP 3: 20/40 Air Squats

What are the names of the other Wednesday F3 Omaha AO’s and how many?

-Beverly Hills

-The Danger Zone

-Heavy Metal

-Paradise Island

-Top Rope


-The Dune

-Mt. Olympus

STOP 4: 5/15 Burpees

Who is the original Nantan of F3Omaha and what year did he move here?

Wait Time – 2016

STOP 5: 20/40 Lunges

How many F3 Omaha AO’s are there including Smurph’s – +/- 3 (Buffer of 3)


STOP 6: 15/30 American Hammers

What is a Redwood and how many are there in Omaha?


STOP 7: 10/30 Merkins

What known regions have been started as a result of Omaha?

Lincoln, Des Moines, Kansas City and Mustard Seeds with Lightyear in River Region (Montgomery)

STOP 8: 20/40 Mountain Climbers

How many F3Omaha PAX are there?

1654 +/- 50 (Gave a 50 figure buffer in Answers)

As the clock hit 6:09 we came upon our final stop and a lap was completed. The PAX were about 50/50 on answers with no one complaining that the coupons could be set down.  We mosey’d back to the flags and wrapped with 3 rounds of Rancid style American Hammers


Take a moment to step back and reflect on where you’ve been on the way to where you want to go.  As we ventured around the AO we took a second to learn about where we are fortunate to accelerate each week.  When that self doubt creeps in take a moment to look at your successes!

Polaroid closed in prayer.

History of Hanscom Park Shared Througout

-Omaha’s oldest remaining park was formed in November 1872, when land developers Andrew J. Hanscom and James G. Megeath donated 57.6 acres near Park Avenue and Woolworth Streets to the city of Omaha. The land was part of their 400-acre development called “Hanscom Place,” but was too hilly to be used for residential construction.

-In 1912 Joseph Sitler’s car ran over the curbing of Woolworth and Park Avenues and dropped into the heavily wooded corner of the Hanscom Park. What did he find there? Did he crash into a makeshift cabin? In that very same spot, Mrs. Houston was killed in a streetcar accident in 1913. Miss Daisy Blair drank poison at the corner of Woolworth and Park Avenues in May of 1919. Some of us might argue that if we go far enough back, we will find many strange, perilous occurrences happening on any corner.

-From World-Herald archives, it would appear that the Hanscom Park grounds were first opened up as a public space in 1879 but it wasn’t until 1889, according to the Federal Writers’ Project, that Hanscom Park was formally landscaped and park facilities added.

-No charge was made for the property, but the gift was upon condition that the city expend in improving it the sum of three thousand dollars in 1873.” There were differing dollar amounts for different years, at times increasing to continue “to forever keep the property in good order…”

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