Date:  10-21-22  

Weather:  39 mph, light breeze, clear skies, lots of stars and waning crescent moon rising in the east 

15 PAX:  Kryptonite, Sasquashhh, Hostess, Sale Barn, Lincoln Logs (Respect x 2), Vlassic (Respect), Barbershop, Taxman, Obi-Wan, Blades of Glory, Fine Print, Phoenix (Hate!), Ketchup, Dogman (Hate!), T-ball. 

Q: T-Ball  

I pulled into Block Party around 5:10 pm to see early cars for pre-runners and those rucking, which pumped me up as West O/Sarpy had Pink Out going on at the Farm, Birthday beatdown for Tin Cup at Spike, Pop up for Fancy Feast, and the Armory which is always a hit! It was great to welcome all the PAX and we promptly began at 5:30 am. Today was especially important as my brother Hostess (Jay) arrived and was in town from Norfolk. He was EH’d by YHC last December at Main Stage the day prior to our dad having open heart surgery. Needless to say this stud proceeded to go back home to Norfolk after that beatdown and was inspired by all the PAX at Main Stage that day. He proceeded to bust his ass all winter long, got into running and designing his own regimen, and was doing 5:30 am beatdowns in Norfolk by himself, while being inspired by all of us. He proceeded to lose 40 # and completely revamp his body, mind, and spirit in the process. It has been so awesome to watch and today’s beatdown was designed to bring him more pain as a reflection of my love and respect for him! 

YHC welcomed all the PAX and discussed F3 Core principles, Mission statement, Motto, and Credo, as well as exercise disclaimer.  We had no new FNGs today, so we launched right into the beatdown. PAX carried their coupon to the basketball court for WOR.   

Warm-o-rama: We started with 15 SSH IC, 10 Slow Windmills IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC, 20 Merkins, and then proceeded through downward and upward dog before transitioning to a runners stretch going into Pigeon for both sides. This early morning progression certainly has proven time and time again to work out the kinks and get the men ready for battle which I believed they were, so we concluded WOR 

Pre-Thang:  The PAX left their coupons at the basketball court and we proceeded to mosey the entire loop around the park, which is approximately 0.5 miles. We stopped ¼ of the way through and performed 30 Carolina Dry Docks. Further mosey for another ¼ of the way was completed and then 15 Box Cutters IC. Further mosey led us to the giant stones on the backside of the trail, where we completed 30 Dips, and then moseyed out to the street entrance to the park, where PAX completed 10 burpees. We then moseyed back to the court to collect our coupons and proceeded to the Pentagon of Pain in the grass field west of the basketball court to complete the Thang. 

The Thang:  PAX counted off into two groups and split to opposite sides of the Pentagon. Each station had a theme (Push, Pull, Sit, Squat, Grunt) and PAX would complete one exercise at their station (all exercised done with coupon) as a group, then rifle carry their coupon or do walking lunges to the next station to complete the first exercise on the next station, then continue all the way around the Pentagon as a group until Omaha was called. YHC had two poorly lit stations as well due to forgetting to change batteries in my headlamps, so we soldiered through and found our way. Each group was able to get through 3 of the 5 exercises listed at each station before Omaha was called at 6:04 am. 

  • Push: Chest Press x 20, Shoulder Press x 20, Front Raises x 15, Single Shoulder Shrug 20 each side, Tricep Extension x 20 
  • Pull: Bent Over Row x 20, Curls x 20, Upright Row x 20, Pull Overs x 15, Single Arm Row x 20 each side 
  • Sit: WWI x 15, Big Bois x 20, LBCs IC x 20, Side Shrugs x 20 each side, Flutter Kicks IC x 20 
  • Squat: Goblet Squat x 20, Walking Lunges x 20 (10 each leg), Sumo Squat x 20 (10 each leg), Split Squat x 30 (15 each leg), DC Propers x 20 
  • Grunt: Blockees x 10, Thrusters x 10, Swings x 15, Murder Bunnies to cone and back (50’ away), Reverse Murder Bunnies to cone and back 


-Lincoln Logs father in law Dan dealing with colon cancer, prayers to him and family 

-Yodel’s M grandmother passed away, Sasquash’s aunt Nancy having back issues and also recently got COVID, delaying her return home from care facility 

-Blood Drive—continue to show support, Queen Service starting 10/31 (contact Fine Print for details), Food Pantry for Heartland Hope on Sat needing volunteers, Dog Man and scouts leading 2.0 workout at Dragon’s Lair 10/22, show support. Thanks to Vlassic for hosting group post beatdown for coffee/donuts 

Check AOs for upcoming events—Veteran’s day and Thanksgiving events coming up 

Yodel SF Pass next Friday at Armory 

Project Pink fundraiser poker tourney Sat 10/22 at West side of Carson Building on Dodge St—funds to benefit Project Pink for breast cancer awareness 

Circle of Trust: 

I have recently had the pleasure of mentoring a PA student at UNMC for the last month and have watched her go from little to no knowledge of the field of Neurosurgery to encouraging her to apply for an open position with us in the last 4 weeks. It is remarkable what a human being can achieve with a willingness to fail, to be uncomfortable, and to apply themselves relentlessly to learn new skills and not being afraid of looking clueless in doing so. It reminded me so much of why I enjoy teaching, mentoring and leading and I take away more from the experience than those on the other end. The Daily Coach (which is a great follow on Twitter if you have not already) highlighted the Phillies head coach Rob Thomson recently. The Phillies were 22-29 this season when Joe Girardi was fired, and coach Thomson took over. As I type this, they are 1 win away from going to the World Series and have completely transformed how the players play and are led. 3 things they highlighted include 1) Identifying what must change but keeping things loose and maintaining a sense of humor. 2) Having a stoic temperament—do not overreact to the highs and lows—when those in and around your team see you maintain the same level of awareness, calm and rational approach, they are much more likely to do the same. 3) Be true to your identity—if the plan you had veers off course, do not feel the need to make wild changes—you may just need to connect better with your team. I see the parallels in my work and the leadership opportunities that arise, and these points can hopefully benefit many of the PAX as we go through our daily lives. YHC led us out in prayer. 



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