F3 – Labyrinth – Q: Yodel – 10/20/2022 – Break the Circle

HIM – 10 Wait Time, Zebo, Barber Shop, Ozark, Chiclets, Vandelay, Tonight Show, Blades of Glory, Black Flag, and YHC (Yodel).

FNGs – 0.

Yodel was prepared for today, and he started the beatdown the right way:

Welcome to F3, welcome to the Labyrinth! F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith, and I am your Q Yodel today.

Together we are here to run in circles, where we will celebrate our core principles – We are open to all men, always outside, lead in a rotating fashion, we never charge you a single dime, and we end in a cot. While running and doing some mubble chatter we will not forget that we are here to plant grow and serve small workout communities for reinvigoration of male community leadership!

Not just today, but any day our credo is to leave no man behind and leave no man where we found him.

Today, my friends, you are lucky.

You have me as your Q, Mufasa claims to be the nicest guy in F3, and I claim to have the most annoying or the most epic songs prepared for my workouts. You never know!

I am not a Professional, so modify as needed and before we start: do we have any fngs? No? Great, so follow me to Hassel the Hoff!

The HIM moseye’d for a few feet and did a quick Warmorama:


20 Merkins

20 Werkins

Then, they started their first mile lap and afterwards Barbara Streisand was blasting through the speaker. We did dips throughout the song, when we heard Barbara we had to sprint to the cone and back – if we were late, we had to do burpees (which did not happen!)

Exhausted, but happy from the amazing sounds provided by DJ Yodeliho we started the second lap, followed by another amazing song from the one and only: David Hasselhoff:

We bear crawled in a circle and had to do a burpee whenever he sang Jamaica and did a Grinder when he sang Limbo. It was a fun Limbo Dance! Yodel sucks at timing these things, so the last lap had to be shortened, to make sure the HIM could listen to SIA’s unstoppable. What a great way to end a beatdown. Lots of squats and sun gods, followed by X Jumps (or whatever you call them).

We then moseye’d back to the flags, asked for prayers, did the COT and THEN we did the Namorama cause Yodel just can’t focus.


When we talk about a circle at F3 it has a positive meaning to us. We ran in circles today and it was fun –> eventually, we stopped and got out of the circle. Why is this important? Why do I mention that we left the circle eventually? Well, if we aren’t careful and we go around in circles it can be dangerous. Why? Well, you can define going in circles as doing something over and over without any true results. You can say you simply get stuck. Here is a great definition of running in circles: to keep doing or talking about the same thing without achieving anything.

That’s the dangerous part. If you would have never left the circle of the sad clowns, you wouldn’t have been able to accelerate at F3. You would still be sleeping in, sitting on the couch on your lazy ass, missing out on the gloom, missing out on the fellowship and the faith part. Heck: our lives would probably suck if we wouldn’t be out here.

So, my message today is – try to leave or break one more circles this year –> no matter if it’s in your family life, job, sports team, just try it and see what happens.

SYITG, Yodel!

PS: I am super excited to be a Site Q starting on 1028. I hope to see all of our PAX at the shovel flag pass! It’s gonna be legen…….

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