Golden Spike, 9/30/22

Pax in Attendance: Saul, Vandelay, Folsom, Chiclets, Jenny Bravo, Almost Famous, Mother Goose, TC, Convoy, TomTom, Wait Time and YHC, Kill Switch

After starting with the core principles, credo, and mission statement, we entered the burke football field

Mosey a lap around the field. End at the goal line.


20 sun gods

20 side straddle hops

20 catcher squats


Barbara Walters 20/20

Line up on the 20 yard line

Run to the other 20 yard line

20 merkins

Run back to other

20 big boy situps

Rinse and repeat until 5:45

Minute of silence to remember those that we’ve lost.

The Thang

Pair up with a brother

4 stations, do work outs on the cone and progress to the next

Cone 1

10 bro-pees

Cone 2

20 fivers merkins

Cone 3

30 patty cake situps

Cone 4

40 Bonnie blairs

Call Omaha at 605

Mary hammers rancid style


Happy hour 3-? at the casual pint

Santiago got a go for phase 1

Tin cup prostate cancer

Wait times daughter job interview

Mother Goose’s cousin Jim and aunt Judy.


Today is the 1 year anniversary of the passing of one of our own, Nugent.

I have a kind of funny relationship with Nugent.  Some of you may know that I married a widow   I married a widow of a man named Matt Hillebrandt.  He was a prep grad, a UNK grad, a huge Cardinals fan, a fraternity brother to one of my best friends, and my son’s father.

He touched a lot of people while he was on this earth and I wasn’t really one of them.  I had maybe 2 times while our friend groups collided and maybe had a surface level conversation with him once.

i posted with Nugent maybe twice before he was taken from us.  Had a half of a conversation while struggling to breathe doing bro-pees and that was it.

So now I’m here with a large part of my life heavily influenced by a couple guys I have a combined 5 minutes of conversation with… We’re here in part today to honor Nugent.  Tomorrow, I help put on a tailgate for a charity called goodbuddies in honor of my wife’s deceased husband. 

That’s legacy.  That’s treating people like they’re your family even when they’re not. That’s mentoring, that’s being accepting, and ribbing people, and coaching, listening, sharing, dancing, remembering, loving, following, and leading.  We honor these men because we see them in the people they affected in their lives and the results of their positive impact. 

What kind of impact are you leaving on your family and friends?  I know mine could use some work, and it always will.

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Golden Spike

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