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45 degrees – 60% humidity – perfect conditions

PAX : 22

Khakis (respect), Mother Goose, Sister Act, Almost Famous, Camper, TC (respect), Lemu (respect), Lansbury, Golden Pike, Oompa, Rose Bowl, Invictus, Beta Max FNG (Macho Man), Sparty. Sweet Sweet, Low Five, Slow Pitch,  Q-tip (respect/respect), Plague, Tator Tot.

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I arrived at 5:10 am (after waking at 3 am) to survey the scene and enjoy the morning.  One of the best things about Qing is the early arrival. It was chilly but beautiful.  I realized I forgot my phone which would lead to issues later. Khakis and Q-tip where on the track. Several runners slowly trickled in.  Where gather around the flags and met Trevor Benson – an FNG who came with Sparty.  

At 5:30 am, I welcomed the PAX with the mission statement, 5 core principles, asked about FNGs and reminded them that I am a semi-professional.  I reminded them my goal was to get our heart rates way up.

We proceeded to take a quick jog to the track for Warm-a- Rama.  We proceeded to do a dynamic warm-up of 100 yards of the following: High knees, butt kicks, stride outs.  We gathered at the bottom of the steps to stretch our hamstrings, hip flexors and trunks.

Pre- thang;

We then divided into 2 groups, grabbed a partner and proceeded to run the stairs- partners stayed and did squats until switching.  At 5:45 baby Omaha was called.  


As a group we ran the track in 100 yard increments.  

First lap – At each 100 yard mark we stopped and did 10 Merkins.

Second lap – At each 100 yard mark we did 10 overhead claps.

Third lap – whoever won the sprint could choose exercise

​100 yards – 10 burpees – Plague

​200 yards – 10 Cherry pickers – Khakis (respect)

​300 yards – Sun Gods – Golden Pike

​400 yards – 10 hand release merkins – FNG (Macho Man).

Omaha was called at 6:01 and we gathered at mid field where a thorough stretching cool down was performed.  We finished with 23 American Hammers.


6:09 – Name-a-Rama

The Q forget his phone – Tator Tot stepped up with his.  Oompa forgot his age, Slow Pitch lobbed a melon to Q-tip who hit it out of the park and the Q forgot to include Tator in the video.

FNG -Trevor Benson – Macho Man


• Several 2nd opportunities – check Slack.  Homecoming for WS tonight – be careful.

Prayer Requests:

• Several including Tin Cup


One dollar will buy a bottle of water, $10 will buy a sandwich, $100 will buy a tank of gas, 1 million will buy just about anything – but what you can’t buy with any amount of money is time.  Don’t waste it.  Go to a workout, call a friend, spend time with your family.  Don’t waste the time you have.

6:14 am- Prayer lead by Mother Goose

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