AO – Paradise Island

October 5, 2022


59 degrees


Q – Stellla 


19 PAX:  Huffy, Cosmo, Skipper, Grillz, Sister Act, Vanilla Ice, Retweet, HoneyStinger, Swinger, Vandalay, Wait Time, Dirty Bird, Gune, Red Ranger, Pony Express, Safe Ride, Samples, FDIC, Stealla


5:30 AM – The 19 PAX met in the parking lot.  YHC welcome PAX, gave mission statement and reviewed 5 Core Principles.  Disclaimer Given. 


Beatdown:  We took a short mosey over to the Cancer Survivors Park that is located right off of Pacific Street for Warm-A-Rama.  We circled up and did the following:  SSH, Tappy Taps, Wind Mills and Imperial Walkers. 


The Thang consisted of:

  • Mosey around Lake Regency to parking lot for 50 Merkins.
  • Mosey to parking lot of the OG Paradise AO for 50 SSH.
  • Mosey to parking lot on N side of shopping center for 50 Bobby Hurleys.
  • Mosey down Regency Parkway for some 50 Monkey Humpers IC on the grass by a fire hydrant.  
  • We then took a mosey back to the parking lot by the lake for 50 American Hammers.
  • Next up we ran around the lake to the entrance near Pacific for 50 Low Dollys
  • Ended back at the shovel flags around 5:54 AM.


Total distance just over 3.0 miles. 


Upon arrival at the shovel flags, YHC asked Samples to choose between a Mystery Exercise or Mary.  Samples chose poorly and we did 50 Hand Release merkins. There were lots of small rocks in the parking lot and YHC did not have gloves on…  We still had time, so we did the count off in the form of Rancid American Hammers, which tallied 19 PAX for the beatdown.  Omaha called.  


Annoucements: Check Slack and Twitter.  Or even better, just call or text Safe Ride.  Swinger recently launched a new business venture.   Prayer requests mentioned and noted. 


Today’s COT was about gratitude.  A few years back, YHC practiced gratitude by writing down 3 things I was grateful for each morning.  However, I stopped doing this a few years ago.  I started thinking about this the other day and am trying to start it back up. We truly have so much to be thankful for and lack of gratitude is certainly one contributing factor to sad clown syndrome and just not being happy.  When you step back and have a global view, compare what we have in the US to the rest of the world, we have it so good in comparison.  We take this for granted, or at least YHC does, and the gratitude log can help combat this.  YHC challenged the PAX to try this out.  Closed in prayer.




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