Sept 30th 2022 / Elmwood Park

AO: The Woodshed

Q: Golden Pike 

PAX: Hooah, Spreadsheet, Rocket, Sputnik, Bovine, Buns of Steel, Biff

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.


We started in the parking lot. 

  • Tappy Taps – 15x
  • Tater Taps – 15x
  • SSH – 20x


Moseyed over to the playground and we did 15 pull-ups on the swings then rested. Also did another 15 pull-ups and then rested.

Moseyed over to the picnic tables and did alternating step ups and dips. Three rounds total.

Moseyed to the grotto for the Thang.

The Thang

Started by doing a circle-merk.

At 5:45 AM, we stopped and had a moment of silence for 2 minutes for Nugent. Bovine lead us in prayer as we gather in a ball of man.

We split the PAX up into two groups. Group 1 moseyed up the stairs out of the grotto to the other side of the road and went down the stairs and through the creepy tunnel. Group 2 flipped over a card on the deck o’ pain and started doing the exercises on the deck AMRAP until the other group circled around. 


We moseyed back to the shovel flags and hooah lead us in big boy situps. Spreadsheet also lead us in flutter kicks. We ended with two rounds of American hammers.

PRs & As

  • Happy Hour 2nd F at Casual Pint at around 3pm today.
  • Hooah mentioned that they were worried about family and property in Cape Coral, FL, but thankful it wasn’t as bad as expected.
  • Dome and wife are expecting soon.
  • Mental Battle extending out to Saturday on October 15th. Starting Boundaries book on October 10th at Khaki’s Cafe.


New PAX may wonder who Nugent was and why today is important to the F3 Omaha community. I had only been acquainted with  Nugent before his passing, but in our brief conversations I understood that he loved F3 and it’s values. He also carried these values with him in his work, family life and volunteering. He was a “true HIM” as we like to say. 

Our society has traditions where we honor the collective memory of people who had a national and historic impact on our society. Presidents, civil rights and religious leaders. We enshrine our collective memory of them in our traditions. But there are so many people who made just as much of an impact on our society and after they were gone, their memory did not live with them just because they may not have had the media coverage or the celebrity status. They were “unsung heroes” to the greater society. But their friends and family know. They still carry on traditions meant to keep the candle of their memory burning through the next generation. So then, their character and values are also passed on.

And so, this day may be a solemn day that has more meaning for some PAX more than others, but even if Nugent’s name means very little to you, please know that in honoring his memory as an F3 family, we are honoring the values that he cherished – that WE cherish. We are keeping the candle burning of Nugent’s memory so that every new PAX will recognize that his life and character are the very foundation of who we are and will continue to be.

Chris Gradoville, 38, Nugent.

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