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Date: September 29, 2022

AO: The Labyrinth

Pax: Cheap Seats, FDIC, Yodel, Cousin Eddie, Blades of Glory, Obi-Wan

QIC: Obi-Wan

Conditions: 45°, gusty winds and definitely the chilliest morning we’ve had in the gloom for quite some time.

Obi-Wan welcomed the PAX to F3 at 5:30 AM, YHC stated what F3 stands for, recited our five core principles, called out the F3 mission statement and our F3 credo.  No FNG’s in attendance.  Modify as necessary as YHC is not a professional.

We took off south from the Zipline parking lot for a mosey and stopped for Warm-o-rama at the intersection atop Atlas.


15 IC Tappy Taps

Big Ones (5 count each leg – 4 rounds)

Runner stretch to pigeon both legs (arbitrary count on these)

Finished with roughly a 20 count chaturanga

Ozark was Q’ing at the Maize this morning and we chatted earlier in the week (at the Mess Hall Flag Pass – shoutout to Griswold and Cosmo!!!) about meeting up at the Maize.  The plan was to join the Maizers for a set of 11’s. 

Our Labyrinth PAX trekked down Atlas and headed to the Maize basketball court where the Maizers were just finishing up Warm-o-rama.  Ozark had the PAX line up on one sideline of the basketball court and we started 11’s.  After a couple rounds of back and forth and performing actual exercises we prematurely declared the Labyrinth group was complete was 11’s and headed out.  We did thoroughly enjoy the Maizers company, appreciate it guys!!!!

We ran past the Maize parking lot and through the neighborhood back up to the Labyrinth parking lot, the furthest North car entrance.

The Thang:

Shoutout to Phantom Menace (or is it just Phantom?!) for the idea of The Thang this morning… sets of 800 meter runs.  YHC instructed the PAX that from the entrance to the parking lot where we were standing, out to the intersection at the top of Atlas and then back was approximately 800 meters.  Goal was to run out and back, take a 2:00 minute rest and then rinse and repeat until Omaha.

We took off for the first 800 and when we were close to being back to the start, Yodel declared that the run was definitely further than 800 meters and after running it I thought he may be right!!  We completed three 800 meter runs, each with a break in between.

There was not enough time before Omaha to complete another full 800 so we did a slow mosey around the parking lot a couple times for a cool down and ended up back at the shovel flag.

No Mary this morning, just a count off.  Blades put it best as we counted around the circle, ‘Still 6’


Block Party Site launch tomorrow 9/30

Each site Friday is honoring Chris Gradoville, Nugent

Check Slack for details on the upcoming golf event T-swift is putting together

Check Slack for details on 2nd F opportunity 9/30 that Folsom posted


For all of those affected by the hurricane in Florida


COT today was about change.  I’m terrible at dealing with change.  I have an idea in my head about how things should go whether it’s at home or work and when things don’t pan out that way I immediately get frustrated and typically take that frustration out on others.  Unfortunately, that typically happens to be my family.  They are the people that I’m most comfortable around so I tend to let my ‘guard’ down at home compared to places like work.  The good thing about it is I’m aware of it, however that doesn’t always mean I’m able to react differently at the time of sudden change.  It’s something I continue to work on and for those that maybe don’t have a tough time with change just please be cognizant of it as maybe some family members or co-workers may struggle with it.  If you’re aware of it, maybe it would help managing that individual or at least seeing things from their point of view.

FDIC took us out in prayer.



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