AO:  The MessHall |  Sept. 27th 2022 | 52deg, literally perfect

PAX: Toadstool, Rancid, Pony Express, Smashmouth, Stella, Invictus, Gator, Red Ranger, Pig Pen, Low Flow, Blue Chip, Khakis (respect), Tight Lip, Slow Pitch, Tater Tot, Bayside, Fancy, Wheel kick, Road house, Mr Miyagi, Plague, Sparty, Cosmo, Ozark (respect), Lite Brite, Hard Hat, Space Bar, Landbury, Obi Wan, Folsom, Motorboat, Griswold.

QIC: Griswold & Cosmo

Big group today, lots of pre-runners.

I was pretty excited and also a little sad for this one today.  I’d be handing over the reins to our brother Cosmo for taking over the mess hall.  Coz is a great guy and a fantastic leader so I was happy about that and happy for him, but also sad since this site holds a special place for me.  Today Cosmo and I would join forces.

WoR – SSH, Cherry Pickers, Tappy Taps, Imperial Walkers.

Pre-Thang – Cosmo lead us in some 11’s.  Always a solid pre thang to get the heart pumping.  We ended up over at the soccer field since we had a large group. We did groiners and merkins.

Thang – We all circled up and counted off in 4’s.  4 station grinder.

Group 1 ( push ) – 25 T-Merkins, run to group 2.

Group 2 ( AMRAP ) – SSH, Bobby Hurleys, Merkins. I added mumble chatter questions at stations 2-4

  • Favorite movie of all time ( or one of them )
  • Favorite home cooked meal
  • Favorite Candy

Group 3 ( AMRAP ) – Mountain climbers, Heels to heaven, Carolina Dry Docks

  • Favorite super hero and why
  • Best memory from Childhood
  • Favorite video game

Group 4 ( AMRAP ) – LBC’s, Hand release merkins, Air Squats

  • Favorite F3 Memory
  • Who puts on the best F3 beatdowns and why
  • Favorite AO and why

6:05am OMAHA!

We gathered back at the shovel flags for NoR, Prayers and Announcements

P&A – Tin cup, Block party launch, Catamount Launch, Will and Holly, Wide Right, Nugent 1 year.

CoT – I talked a little bit about how I cam in to be the Mess Hall Site Q.  My brother Wide Right took a new job opportunity in Beatrice and had a lot on his plate.  I could sense his stress and anxiety and knew he’d have to pass the flag regardless.  So I asked him if it would help out if I could take the flag right away since he’d have to be traveling back and forth from Omaha to Beatrice quite a bit to get his affairs in order.  Had a place to find to live, new company to get under control and so on.  So we agreed that it would help out and that’s the beauty of F3 and brotherhood.  Picking up the six.

Next I went on to talk about Cosmo.  So if I was on a Glue Oom episode right now answering the question about how I came up with Cosmo as my choice for next site Q, well there’s a lot of reasons for me personally, but what it really came down to is his running stride and how jealous I am of it.  Kidding. Or am I?  He’s witty, smart, creative, humble and genuine.  He’s a lot of things I wish I was good at. He is a phenomenal runner and puts together some really hellacious beatdowns.  He’s always really warm and welcoming but I think the one thing that made me feel like Cosmo was the right choice was because he was always a guy I was looking forward to seeing. Maybe catching a pre run, and one of my favorite beatdowns of the year was just Cosmo and I out for a run together.  I found myself comfortable and confident around him and when you have so many high impact men around you, a guy with those traits is someone I want to be on my team.

Cosmo then took the mic and gave a heartfelt message of gratitude and humbleness and also why getting out of your comfort zone was important.  Cheers Cosmo, we love you brother!

Just wanted to say thank you to all the support over the year. From all the Q’s that stepped up, all the PAX that posted and to Tater Tot and the Plague for believing in me.

Slow Pitch led us out in prayer.



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