Top Rope 8/10/2022 BackBlast: Nameorama Disorder

18 Pax: Steeple, CheapSeats, Old Spice, Da Kine, Lemu, SuperFly,

Q: Tea Party

When YHC arrived at the AO it was already bustling with activity as the pre runners finished pre running and any Murpher Smurphers finished whatever they do when they Murph and Smurph. It was easy to see that YHC was in the right location because the Shovel Flags were proudly presented and a strong HIMsence was felt.

Precisely at 0530 the PAX were called to order with the Core Principles, Mission, and Credo. YHC aptly identified that there were no FNGs and admonished the small crowd that they can modify as necessary. Not one PAX challenged the assertion that the Q was not a professional & most could recall a moment when they too had witnessed the Q being the Six. With that we moseyed over to the basketball courts of Aldrich Elementary for a quieter place to do WarmoRama.

WarmoRama: TappyTaps, Big Ones, Cherry Pickers, Sun Gods forward & backward, Monkey Humpers

At the conclusion of WarmoRama YHC mentioned that Mufasa had texted the Q and said, “kick their butt.” So YHC announced 5 burpees in his honor. Upon completion, there was some commentary that if Mufasa isn’t in attendance he can’t influence the workout to which the Q agreed and promptly announced 5 more burpees for the Q. This quieted any detractors and the PAX were ready for the pre-Thing so we moseyed over to a nearby parking lot.

Pre-Thing: Upon arrival at the parking lot the Q noticed some finely painted yellow lines that would be really great to run along. So we ran and Bernie Sandersed those lines as best we could. We then moseyed back to the basketball court for The Thing.

The Thing: The PAX began by counting off in groups of 3 and the Q announced a 3 man Grinder. One PAX would start at the playground area doing AMRAP pull ups, one PAX would start at the school entrance doing AMRAP dips, and the 3rd PAX would sprint from the playground to the front doors and relieve that PAX who would then run along the back of the school to the playground. This would Rinse & Repeat until Omaha was called, with each PAX member working through the following exercises split between each station:

Pull Ups, Merkins, LBCs, Imperial Walkers, Dips, Derkins, Step Ups.

“Omaha” brought relief to the hardworking group of HIM and Mary ensued, ending (off course) with a round of Rancid Styled American Hammers.

YHC led the COT in a discussion about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics which in layman’s terms states that “hot things always cool unless energy is applied to prevent it”. Which is a simple way of saying that the world around us is naturally headed for disorder and decay. We must be the WD-40 who confront that reality and work against the natural tendencies that allow relationships & positive habits to rust and decay.

Prayers were offered up for:
The teachers & kids stress levels and school safety
Golden Pike mental battle at octagon @khakis cafe 2nd f channel slack
Flag pass @maise to obi wan from barndoor
Shovel pass rowdy & bayside from sister act
Unicycle birthday
Zeebo daughter health

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