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Aldrich Elementary

66 degrees – 80% humidity – perfect conditions

PAX : 20

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I arrived at 5:10 to survey the scene and enjoy the morning.  One of the best things about Qing is the early arrival.  I had actually planned the workout earlier in the week so this was enjoy time. I was met in the parking lot by DOA.  He just joined our group after having a conversation with the OG – Wait Time at Karma coffee.  The Godfather’s influence is strong!  We tool a short walk as he filled me in on how he came to Omaha.

At 5:30 am, I welcomed the PAX with the mission statement, 5 core principles, asked about FNGs and reminded them that I am a semi-professional.

We proceeded to take a quick jog to the north Healthwest parking lot forWarm-a- Rama. 

• 15 Tappy taps IC

• 15 Big Ones IC

• 15 Sun gods IC -forward and reverse

• Down dog with a 30 sec hold

Pre – Thang – core up

• 30 sec plank

• 15 Nolan Ryans on the left arm

• 30 sec plank

• 15 Nolan Ryans right arm

• 30 sec down dog

• 30 sec plank

• 15 single leg butt bridges on each leg


We split into groups of 4 at the west end of the parking lot.  Two PAX would run to the far east side of the parking lot while the other 2 PAX would performed either planks, big boy sit ups, chilcut planks and LBCs.  The groups would alternat until Omaha was called at 6:00 and we made our way back to the flags.


American Hammers – Rancid style

Cool down

• Down dog

• Combo hamstring/piriformis stretch

• Supine trunk rotation

• Press ups

6:11 – Name-a-Rama

FNG -none


• Mass at Prep on Thursday

• Frosty’s Q on Saturday

Prayer Requests:

• Tin Cup

• Several PAX shared their thoughts on the importance of suicide awareness.


All of us have days when we plan on coming to a workout and then….wedon’t.  Too tired, too sore, lots of excuses.  We all know how much better we feel when we do post.  We feel sharper, better focused, our bodies and minds are in a better place – plus the 2nd F component.  My challenge to all of you is to remember this COT so some day when you don’t want to get up you remember me telling you get out of bed and go.  Then, later that day when you are feeling great, I want you to send me a message thanking me.  The reason  – I need a reason to get up sometimes as well.  If you send me a message, then I will reciprocate and thank you down the road.  I hope I receive 20 messages so I have 20x when I have the push to get up!

6:16 -Prayer led by the Mother Goose.

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