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Wednesday July 13, 2022

Aldridge Elementary School

78 degrees and humid outside, perfect for a beatdown!!

PAX: 29 HIM Joined me on my workout, thank you for showing Tea Party, Barn Door, Q Tip, Chowder, Patton, Doppler, Boji, Light Bright, Motorboat, Greenhouse, Schnitzel, Golden Pike, Wax On, Blades of Glory, Oompa, Lansbury, Room service, Old Spice, Wentworth, Hinges, Hard Hat, Arm Bar, Steeple, Theraband, Lemu, Superfly, Edison and Dakine.

VQic: Big Unit

Wednesday started off with 28 high impact men joining me for my first workout at top rope. 

Everything started off great, I was able to recite all of the required intros and was full of energy as we started our mosey to begin the workout.  

To explain a little bit further, my route was to run down to the building that is directly east of our site turn around and finish back in the parking lot, however I failed to mention that plan to everyone before our mosey began. Running back towards the parking lot, I turned and noticed that nobody was following me?!?!?  they thought I was going to pick up the six but soon figured out that was not the case because all of them noticed I as half way back to the school before turning around to check on where they were.  It was hilarious watching the entire group running backtowards me as I started to run back towards them. 


15 Side-Straddle Hops (IC) 15 Tappy Taps Big Ones 10 Sun Gods both directions and a few shoulder hold stretches

Pre Thang – PAX lined up on the curb to do quick feet exercises then we lined up again and they had several agility exercises which consisted of High Knees, Super Mario’s, Carioca‘s, back pedals and sprints.

Thang – 4 Stations around the school

We separated in 4 teams of 7, I had four stations that were in different locations around the school. 

Station 1 – was on the north side of the school predominantly on the school wall. The workouts for that station consisted of chicken packers, wall sits, donkey kicks and planks. Station 2 – was located by the playground between the two tetherball poles. There we all got to enjoy 30 (IC) Air Squats, 30 (IC) Bonnie Blairs 30 (IC) Sumo Squats

Station 3 – Push Group was down on the west side of the school by the soccer fields this was our push group. Here we had 10 Burpee‘s and 30 Freddie Mercury‘s

Station 4 – was located at the bike racks in front of the school on the east side of the building. We did 30 Merkens, 30 dips, 30 Durkin‘s and 30 LBC‘s


Straight to American Hammers Rancid style Starting with Tea Party 

Name-O-Rama – had my first go around with all the men it was a lot of fun, no FNG’s to announce.

Prayer Requests and Announcements 

Doppler – divorce guys meeting Friday 7pm

Co worker Jamie 27 victim of stroke and healthy baby names Carter.  Jamie made huge improvements Shes completed 700 unassisted steps 

Patton shared prayers for his friend Christian Seal and his son 


“Uninterrupted Time”

Joining F3 I never truly appreciated how waking up early in the morning enjoying a work out with like-minded men could be so beneficial. I made the point of recognizing uninterrupted time and explaind how by us all putting in the sacrifice of waking up early to exercise and better ourselves, allows us to be free to enjoy other parts of our life such as spending quality time with our M’s and 2.0s. 

Great experience, looking forward to doing it again

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