The Combine – Never Leave Your Wingman

Friday, September 16th, 2022

Kiewit Middle School

70-ish degrees, clear skies, just a beautiful morning

PAX: Skipper, Barbershop, Misty, DOA, Mr. Deeds, Specimen, Mulligan, Killswitch, Lilly Pad, Motorboat, Beaver, Al Borland, Toto, Wiley, Balto, LPC and Superfly

QIC: Super Fly

Super Fly welcomed the 16 other PAX to The Combine. He stated the F3 Mission Statement, 5 Core Principals, stumbled through the Credo, but remembered he wasn’t a professional, and asked if there were any FNG’s. No FNG’s this morning! 

We moseyed from the Shovel Flags to the baseball diamond and started Warm-O-Rama. 


12 – SSH’s (IC) 

12 – Sun gods (IC) – forward and backward

12 – Tappy Taps (IC)

12 – Cherry Pickers (IC) 

12 – Big Ones

12 – LBC’s (IC)

That concluded Warm-O-Rama, so the PAX moseyed to the shovel flags, to pick up Coupons and headed to the track

Pre – Thang – Track

All PAX started at the end of the track and sprinted 100 meters as hard as they could. At each end of the sprint, a PAX was chosen, and they were to lead a 20 count exercise of their choice.  We focused on 4 areas of the body for those 4 exercises: Arms, Legs, Core and Core.  We did 4 – 100 meter sprints, along with the exercises

Thang – Football Field

PAX partnered up with their “Wingman” to complete the Thang

The coupons that were brought to the track were placed at the goal line for each pairing.

Partner #1 would run down to the 50-yard line and back to the goal line, then tag their “Wingman” to complete the same.  Partner #1 would take over on the cumulative exercises, listed as follows:

The list had 6 exercises listed, all with a 150 count, cumulative.  Once the partners reached 150 they would move on to the next exercise on the list.

1. Arm Curls – with Coupon

2. Big Boy Sit-ups

3. Bench Press – with Coupon

4. Weighted Squats – with Coupon

5. Burpees

6. Overhead Press (Standing) – with Coupon

Superfly did audible during the “Burpees” changing it to 50 per pairing to complete before moving to exercise #6.

Omaha was called while most pairings were on #6.

Mary – Shovel Flags

Superfly called out past Site Q – LPC, call out a core exercise of 15 count, followed by current Site Q – Killswitch call out a second set of 15 count core exercises. We finished with a round of American Hammers, rancid style with all PAX involved.



Check Slack for all the F3 activities happening around the metro.

F3 Night at Vala’s is tonight! Thank you to Crab Cakes and his family for the extremely generous donantion!


Superfly spoke briefly about how to stay with your wingman, as you can always be there to pick up another guy.  

Superfly also shared this line, which struck the Site Q – Oompa, “Just show up, because you never know who’s pushing who.”

Superfly closed the PAX out in prayer.

Aye, Superfly out!

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